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How to Set Up Email Signatures in Sparrow


Even if you take care not to sign anything without consulting the fine print and lawyer, chances are your emails end with a signature. Sparrow will gladly insert its default signature, for example — until you change it.

Setting up a custom signature is easy in Sparrow. You can create different signatures for all the email addresses you are using even.

Set Up Email Signatures in Sparrow

To change the email signature for an account (or an email address) in Sparrow:

  • Select Sparrow | Preferences… from the menu in Sparrow.
  • Go to the Signature tab.
  • Select the desired email address under Signature for:.
    • If the email address is an alias you use with another account, make sure Use custom signature for this alias is checked.
  • Type your desired signature in the text field.
  • Close the Preferences window.

Sparrow will insert the signature automatically. To send emails without signature text by default, you can edit the address's signature to be empty.

(Updated July 2011)

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