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How to Search for Mail in Sparrow


Sparrow's conversation view puts emails directly related within an eye's glance. You don't have to search these.

What about the more distantly related messages, though? You can search for these—and Sparrow offers some help to make the process easy and fast: you do not have to remember email addresses precisely, for example, or know the calendar dates for last week.

Search for Mail in Sparrow

To find emails in Sparrow:

  • Open the desired email account in Sparrow.
  • Press Command-Option-F.
  • Start typing the word or words you expect to find.
  • To look only in Subject: lines, select Subject contains under Subject in the menu that comes up; you can also select a specific subject line.
  • To search for mail from a certain contact select their name and email address under People; click From and select To to find mail to the contact.
    • See below for more search operators including folders and dates.
  • You can combine search criteria (e.g., to find mail FROM a contact with specific words in the SUBJECT); messages will show up if they match all criteria.

Sparrow Search Operators

To narrow search results in Sparrow, you can use the following operators:

Folder or label — Select under Folders

  • Start typing any folder or label's name (including "Drafts", "Trash", and "Spam")

Status — Select under Status

  • Unread
  • Read
  • Starred (Flagged)
  • Has Attachment (File)

Time — Select under Dates

  • Last Year
  • Last Month
  • Last Week
  • This Year
  • This Month
  • This Week
  • Monday, Tuesday,… , Sunday
  • January, February,… , December
  • Yesterday
  • Today

(Updated December 2011)

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