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How to Set Up and Use Email Templates in Postbox


Repetition may pave the way to mastery; what if you want less to master typing, though, than you want to get a grip on the time it takes to compose emails and replies?

In Postbox, you can set up email templates. They're simple and can only be inserted using a toolbar, but they are also easy to set up and can be used for full messages or just oft-used text blocks.

Set Up Email Templates in Postbox

To create a new message template or text snippet in Postbox:

  • Select Postbox | Preferences… or Tools | Options… from the menu in Postbox.
  • Open the Composition tab.
  • Now open the Responses category.
  • Click +.
  • Enter a recognizable name for your new email template under Name.
  • Type the desired text under Response.
    • You can type the full text for a reply or new message ("Responses" can be used in any email, not just replies).
    • You can also enter snippets of text you often use in emails and insert them as needed in your messages.
    • Use the formatting bar as need to apply text styles and insert images, links or HTML code.
  • Click OK.
  • Close the Composition preferences window.

Use an Email Template for a Reply or New Message in Postbox

To insert the text from a Postbox template in an email you are composing:

  • Start composing the new email, reply or forward.
  • Position the text cursor where you want to insert the email template or text snippet.
  • Click Responses in the message's toolbar.
    • If you cannot see Responses in the toolbar, select View | Customize Toolbar… from the menu and drag and drop Responses to the toolbar.
  • Select the desired snippet or boilerplate from the menu that comes up.

(Updated November 2011)

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