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How to Create an Outlook.com Email Account


How to Create an Outlook.com Email Account

Want to try Outlook.com? Looking for a new email account? Thinking an email address for, say, receiving newsletters or backing up certain messages could be helpful?

At Outlook.com, you can set up a new account easily with but your birth date and name. You'll get an email address, unlimited online storage and web as well as POP access.

Create an Outlook.com Email Account

To get a new Outlook.com account and email address:

  • Visit Sign up - Microsoft account.
  • Enter your first (over First) and last (over Last) name under Name.
  • Select your birthday under Birth date.
  • Make a choice under Gender.
  • Click Or get a new email address under Microsoft account name.
  • Enter the desired user name (what comes before "@outlook.com", "@live.com" or "@hotmail.com") under Microsoft account name.
  • Choose the desired domain following @ (outlook.com by default).
  • Type the desired password for your Outlook.com account under Create a password.
  • Type the password under Reenter password as well.
  • Choose one or more means to recover your account for the unlikely event that you lose the password:
    • Enter your phone number under Phone number.
    • Type an alternative email address that you can access under Alternative email address.
    • Set up a security question and answer:
      • Click Or choose a security question.
      • Choose a suggested security question under Security question.
      • Enter the answer to the question under Answer.
  • Select your location under Country/region and ZIP code.
  • Enter the characters from the CAPTCHA picture under Help us make sure you're not a robot.
  • Optionally, check Send me email with promotional offers from Microsoft..
  • Click I accept.

You can now open your new Outlook.com account on the web or set it up for access in email programs on computers and mobile devices.

(Updated March 2013)

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