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How to View Archived Mail and Messages in Facebook Messages


Archiving was easy. The message disappeared, too, just the way it should.

Where, now, is it, though? Not in Messages and not in Other either, archived mail in Facebook Messages is still around. You can browse and search archived messages, too.

View Archived Mail and Messages in Facebook Messages

To see mail you have archived in Facebook Messages:

  • Open Messages in Facebook.
  • Select Archived under View: at the bottom.
    • You can also click the Search Messages field's magnifying glass and select Archived Messages from the menu that comes up.

To search archived mail and messages in Facebook Messages:

  • Open Facebook Messages.
  • Click in the Search Messages field.
  • Type "is:archived " followed by the terms you seek.
    • To search archived messages for "picnic", for example, type "is:archived picnic" (not including the quotation marks).
    • You can combine "is:archived" with other Facebook Messages search operators, of course.
  • Press Enter.

(Updated February 2012)

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