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How to Set up a Filter in Yahoo! Mail


I get a lot of mail, and if all of it ends up in my Yahoo! Mail Inbox — unsorted — it quickly gets overwhelming. Consequently, I avoid touching any of it (only to return to even more mail hours later...).

That's why I'm a big fan of filters that sort all incoming messages automatically before I see them.

Set up a Filter in Yahoo! Mail

To create an incoming mail rule in Yahoo! Mail:

  • In Yahoo! Mail:
    • Select Options | Mail Options.
    • Go to the Filters category.
    • Follow the Create or edit filters link.
  • In Yahoo! Mail Classic:
    • Follow the Mail Options link from the top Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar.
    • Click Filters under Management.
  • Click Add.
  • Give your new Yahoo! Mail filter a name under Filter Name.
  • Specify the criteria that need to be matched for a message to trigger the filter action under If all of the following rules are true....
  • Finally, specify the folder that messages should be moved to by the filter under Then....
  • Click Add Filter.

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