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How to Forward a Message Inline with Yahoo! Mail Classic


Note: depending on your browser and operating system, Yahoo! Mail Classic may still forward messages as attachments as outlined below; there is, alas, no simple way to forward inline.

If Yahoo! Mail Classic forwards inline by default for you, try holding down the Ctrl key while clicking Forward to attach the original message.

Onward, Forward!

A lot of great information comes via email, and email makes it easy to share this information (and information wants to be shared, right?): just forward it.

To forward a message in Yahoo! Mail Classic, open it and click — not so fast!

By default, Yahoo! Mail Classic will forward emails as attachments. The recipient may have to open the attachment to get to the original message. If you're not sure your recipient knows how to deal with this, there's also the option to forward messages inline (indented by '> ').

Forward a Message Inline with Yahoo! Mail Classic

To forward a message inline with Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Open the message you want to forward in Yahoo! Mail Classic.
  • Click on the drop-down box next to the Forward button (it says as attachment).
  • Select inline text.
  • Now, click the Forward button.
  • Enter recipients and maybe some additional text.
  • Finally, click Send.

(Of course, the option to forward emails as attachments has its uses, too.)

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