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eVerify 1.0 - List Hygiene Tool

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eVerify - List Hygiene Tool

eVerify - List Hygiene Tool

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

eVerify is a thorough, precise and powerful tool to check email addresses on mailing lists for validity. The method used to see if addresses are working is accurate, but it could possibly be made more efficient with pre-screening.


  • eVerify checks email addresses for validity with high precision
  • Lets you import and verify address lists from many sources including ODBC
  • eVerify can recheck lists periodically on a schedule


  • eVerify doesn't employ much pre-screening for obviously mistyped addresses
  • eVerify's address verification can't be throttled
  • eVerify's way of validating addresses can be time and resource intensive


  • eVerify checks email addresses for their validity.
  • Imports addresses from Windows address books, text and spreadsheet files, HTML or ODBC sources.
  • eVerify lets you use filters to control the verification process per domain.
  • You can export any category of addresses from eVerify to a database and a number of file formats.
  • eVerify includes a scheduler that can automatically check and re-check addresses periodically.
  • A DNS cache and a user-defined number of concurrent threads speed up checking in eVerify.
  • A detailed log and statistics let you keep track of eVerify's actions.
  • eVerify can be used through a Socks5 proxy.
  • eVerify supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - eVerify 1.0 - List Hygiene Tool

Mailing lists are notoriously polluted with addresses that do not work. Either the subscriber-in-spe mistyped the email address when she typed it or she got a new address and forgot to unlist the old. Maybe an overeager spam filter can't be convinced you are sending mail that has been requested, maybe the domain has gone stale.

Unfortunately, in many cases the only way to find out whether an address is still okay is sending an email to it. This is exactly what eVerify does to validate email addresses. Of course, it does not deliver an actual message, it just checks whether the mail server would accept one. Still, the validation process can take time and quite a bit of bandwidth.

While a quite flexible rules system lets you control the checking process, it would be great if eVerify could do some more advanced pre-screening that drops obviously mistyped addresses before the thorough validation begins. Validation throttling (per domain) would be nice, too.

A nice feature that is already in eVerify is its scheduled and periodic re-checking of addresses. eVerify also isn't picky when it comes to the source of its list and imports from Windows address books, extracts addresses from text files or any ODBC-compliant source.

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