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PMMail 2000 2.20 - Email Program

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PMMail 2000 - Email Program

PMMail 2000 - Email Program

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

PMMail 2000 is a clean and easy to use email client with some great powerful features, but shows its age in other areas.


  • PMMail 2000 offers highly flexible and versatile filters
  • PGP message security and signing integrated
  • PMMail lets you deal with mail directly at the server


  • PMMail 2000 lacks full HTML support
  • The message templates are not flexible enough
  • PMMail 2000 supports POP accounts only, lacks TLS/SSL


  • PMMail 2000 lets you access multiple POP email accounts.
  • Versatile filtering language allows you to built effective and flexible filters easily.
  • PMMail 2000 includes PGP cryptography natively.
  • Remote mail management lets you preview and delete messages directly at the server.
  • PMMail 2000 offers (limited) support for messages in HTML formatting, can use external editor.
  • A versatile address book is included with PMMail 2000.
  • PMMail 2000 supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP. PMMail/2 for OS/2 is also available (but a separate program).

Guide Review - PMMail 2000 2.20 - Email Program

The "PM" in PMMail comes from "Presentation Manager", the great graphical user interface of OS/2 (where PMMail first appeared). Today's operating systems can still learn from the Presentation Manager, and PMMail can teach other email clients a thing or two as well.

PMMail is well structured and easy to use, but includes powerful tools like extremely flexible filters, integrated PGP security and provides remote mail management.

Unfortunately, PMMail has to learn some new tricks, too. Basic tricks like IMAP support and message labels, or more advanced features like flexible message templates. The HTML rendering shows its age, and the message editor could need an update, too. In the meantime, PMMail lets you use an external editor.

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