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CleanMyMailbox - Spam Filtering Service

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CleanMyMailbox - Spam Filtering Service

CleanMyMailbox - Spam Filtering Service

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

CleanMyMailbox is simple and easy to use, but gets rid of almost all spam in a sophisticated and effective manner.
CleanMyMailbox is no longer available.


  • CleanMyMailbox is an effective anti-spam service
  • Spam filter sensitivity can be tweaked
  • Spam detected by CleanMyMailbox can be restored


  • CleanMyMailbox spam filters are not transparent
  • Web interface has some usability problems
  • POP accounts only, can't manually trigger checking


  • CleanMyMailbox checks and cleans a POP email account periodically.
  • Spam can be deleted from the server and moved to a special mailbox (accessible via the Web).
  • Alternatively, CleanMyMailbox can mark detected spam with "** SPAM **" in the Subject.
  • Spam filters, which use a flexible and effective scoring system, can be fine-tuned in sensitivity.
  • Lists of approved and rejected senders can be set up manually or created from filtered messages.
  • Additionally, CleanMyMailbox supports approved Subjects.
  • CleanMyMailbox maintains a list of whitelisted email publications.

Guide Review - CleanMyMailbox - Spam Filtering Service

CleanMyMailbox is an easy to use anti-spam service: you submit your POP access data, and CleanMyMailbox checks your account periodically, removing all detected spam automatically. And CleanMyMailbox detects a lot of spam.

CleanMyMailbox's content-based filters are efficient, and they can be tweaked individually. Unfortunately the exact filters are not transparent, and it's never clear why any mail was filtered (but we don't want spammers to know that, do we?).

To make sure desired mail is not touched, CleanMyMailbox makes it easy to set up white lists of approved senders or subjects. And of course any filtered mail can be restored easily via a Web interface.

All in all, CleanMyMailbox is an efficient, simple and easy to use anti-spam solution.

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