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RSS Bandit 1.6 - RSS News Feed Reader

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RSS Bandit - RSS News Feed Reader

RSS Bandit - RSS News Feed Reader

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

RSS Bandit is a nice and very capable feed reader that lets you browse news in an organized fashion. Its flexibility, virtual folders and synchronization abilities are great, but it would be even greater if it integrated with other online RSS news feed readers in addition to NewsGator Online.


  • RSS Bandit can be synchronized across multiple installations
  • Feeds can be organized in folders and RSS Bandit threads posts
  • RSS Bandit lets you save searches as virtual folders


  • RSS Bandit cannot synchronize with online RSS news feed readers
  • Searching could be faster in RSS Bandit, and it contains no trainable filters


  • RSS Bandit is a RSS, Atom and Usenet news reader with a three-pane interface and support for podcasts and other enclosures.
  • You can set up folders to organize feeds in RSS Bandit and read all news in one folder at once.
  • News items are displayed using customizable XSLT style sheets, RSS Bandit comes with a few preset.
  • RSS Bandit allows you to post replies using the Comment API on RSS feeds supporting it.
  • Individual news items can be flagged and are automatically collected in a special folder.
  • RSS Bandit includes a simple interface to search MSN, Google and Feedster.
  • You can also search local news items easily with RSS Bandit and build virtual folders of results.
  • Multiple installations of RSS Bandit can be kept in sync via FTP or WebDAV servers.
  • You can also synchronize subscriptions with NewsGator Online and post links to Twitter.
  • RSS Bandit supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP/Vista and requires the .NET framework.

Guide Review - RSS Bandit 1.6 - RSS News Feed Reader

RSS Bandit has a pocket full of news, and a few tricks to display them.

Not only can you organize feeds in folders, RSS Bandit also detects relations between individual posts and threads them logically. Searching local news is easy and functional (it could be faster, though), and you can subscribe to search results as virtual folders, making it particularly easy to find news interesting to you. Only self-adapting statistics-based filtering could probably top that.

Reading the items is a pleasure in RSS Bandit, even though customizing the style sheet used for display can be a bit complicated. RSS Bandit does not stop at just displaying the news. For feeds that support it, you can post replies directly in RSS Bandit.

At the receiving end, you can subscribe to Usenet news in addition to RSS feeds. If you use more than one computer, RSS Bandit lets you synchronize the feeds across multiple installations and with NewsGator Online.

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