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How to Make Sure PocoMail Doesn't Filter Important Mail as Spam


The nice, simple anti-spam filters built into PocoMail are not perfect, but they're not ineffective either.

If these two aspects come together in an unfortunate way as imperfectly effective, you stand the chance of getting hit with a "false positive" — a message you did want to receive filtered by the PocoMail spam filter as junk.

Fortunately, it's easy to prevent this scenario for known senders by whitelisting them.

Newsletters in particular are candidates for becoming false positives. That's why I have put the "about.com" domain on my whitelist immediately after signing up for an About newsletter.

Make Sure PocoMail Doesn't Filter Important Mail as Spam

To make sure PocoMail does not think mail from good senders is spam:

  • Select Tools | Junk Mail Filtering from the menu.
  • Click the Word Lists button.
  • Now click Allowed Senders.
  • Type the email addresses or domains you want to whitelist.
    • Put each entry on its own line.
    • To whitelist all About newsletters put "about.com" on a line of its own, for example.
  • Select File | Save from the menu.
  • Close Notepad.
  • Click OK.

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