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Delete Old and Unwanted Outlook Express Stationery


I tend to install every Outlook Express stationery I come across. Maybe I like it. But maybe I don't, and over time a lot of stationery has accumulated in my stationery folder, making it ever more difficult to find the ones I like. Time to do some cleaning!

To delete old and unwanted stationery from Outlook Express:

  • Click on the down arrow on the Create Mail button.
  • Select Select Stationery from the menu.
  • In the list of stationery that comes up,
    • click with the right mouse button on any stationery file you want to delete and
    • select Delete from the pop-up menu to remove it.

Note that this will not remove any files associated with the stationery (like images and sounds, for example), but it will certainly help you keep the list of available stationery in Outlook Express clean.

If the stationery you just deleted still shows up in the Create Mail drop-down menu in Outlook Express, there's a way to get rid of this entry, too.

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