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Pay Attention When Extracting Stationery for Windows Mail, OE or Outlook


Installing Outlook Express stationery isn't difficult. It often involves extracting .zip or exe files to your stationery folder, and there are some things and folders you should be paying attention to while you unzip.

Pay Attention When Extracting Stationery for Windows Mail, Outlook Express or Outlook

  • Some stationery creators include the path to the stationery folder on their computer in the zip file. This means that the path "Program Files\­Common Files\­Microsoft Shared\­Stationery\ " (if that's the stationery creator's stationery directory) will be created under the directory you are extracting to. If the path in the stationery matches your stationery folder, you can extract to the root of your Windows drive (to "C:\", for example), or you tell your unzip utility to ignore the path in the zip file and unzip to your stationery directory (for Windows Mail or Outlook Express), just as you would if no path were present in the zip file.
  • Some stationery creators put images, sounds, or the complete stationery in a sub-folder of the stationery folder. I might place all the stationery I create in the "Stationery by Heinz" sub-folder, for example. Extract such stationery to your stationery folder and tell the unzip utility to respect the path in the zip file. It will then create the sub-folder automatically.
  • If stationery includes the full path to the creator's stationery folder and a sub-folder ("\Program Files\­Common Files\­Microsoft Shared\­Stationery\­Stationery by Heinz\", for example) and the stationery folder in the zip folder does not match yours, it's usually best to unzip the file to the root folder of your Windows drive ("C:\", for example) respecting the path in the stationery. This will create the "wrong" stationery folder on your disk. Go to that folder and move all its contents including the sub-folder ("Stationery by Heinz") to the right stationery folder for your system. Now you can delete the wrong stationery folder ("\Program Files\­Common Files\­Microsoft Shared\­Stationery\").
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