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MailMergeApp 1.5 - Email Marketing Software

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MailMergeApp - Email Marketing Software

MailMergeApp - Email Marketing Software

Objective Labs

The Bottom Line

MailMergeApp does exactly that: merging messages with the Mac OS X Address Book quite flexibly. Unfortunately, MailMergeApp lacks more advanced features and HTML editing.


  • MailMergeApp offers flexible mail merging
  • Uses the Mac OS X Address Book and Mail, and you can it for other email programs
  • You can preview emails before delivery


  • MailMergeApp lacks HTML editing
  • A bit cumbersome with larger lists
  • MailMergeApp does not offer conditional text


  • MailMergeApp lets you send personalized emails in bulk.
  • MailMergeApp uses the Mac OS X Address Book as the list source.
  • Any Address Book field can be used in mail merging.
  • MailMergeApp delivers messages through Mac OS X Mail, Mailsmith, Eudora or Entourage.
  • MailMergeApp's email client support can be further extended via AppleScript plug-ins.
  • The Mail account used by MailMergeApp can be specified.
  • MailMergeApp makes use of the Mac OS X spell checker.
  • You can preview the messages as they will be delivered before sending in MailMergeApp.
  • MailMergeApp supports Mac OS X 10.3/4/5/6.

Guide Review - MailMergeApp 1.5 - Email Marketing Software

MailMergeApp does exactly what it sounds like: it constructs personalized bulk emails. Built as an AppleScript application, MailMergeApp profits from many of Mac OS X's features.

MailMergeApp uses the Address Book for getting addresses (and you can use any Address Book field in mail merging), makes use of the system spell checker and delivers mail through Mac OS X Mail. Further plug-ins adapt it for MailSmith, Eudora and Entourage — and you can write your own even to support whatever email program you prefer.

Easy to use, uncomplicated and perfect for smaller lists, MailMergeApp quickly gets slow and tedious for larger projects, and you may also miss more advanced features like scripting or list management. It's also a pity that MailMergeApp can't produce HTML or multipart/alternative messages. You can get a preview of messages as they will be sent, though.

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