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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Windows Live Hotmail Account?

Responses: 361


Do not need two accounts

I closed only one account that I never use. I do not need two.
—Guest emily

Account hacked

My account was hacked too, and I'm having trouble closing the account.
—Guest MSG

Someone changed my password

hi… someone has changed the password of [my] Hotmail ID, or someone has hacked it… it's very important for me. I want it back… how can i unlock it… every time I try, there appeared some letters when I type this… then the window said someone has tried [to log in] many times with an incorrect password… try again later.
—Guest Mohammad Anwar Ali

I forgot my username

I forgot my username and password, so I am deleting it and my email to get a new account.
—Guest denita riley

Someone hacked my account

Someone hacked my account and sent spam emails to my address book and even people i didn't know. Happened one to many times. This is ridiculous.....
—Guest guest melk

All the junk...

Jus cba with all the junk & takes to long to recive important emails.
—Guest ja ja binx

Couldn't even cancel it right

I thought I closed my account two years ago, but today I received spam from it to my new account and so has everyone that was on my contacts. This makes no sense. Even the account canceling is BS with MS. Couldn't even do THAT right.
—Guest Annoyed

Quitting hotmail because I got hacked

Clearly Microsoft and MSN have been hacked, and something should be done about it.
—Guest liz

Cant's send and can't block

Can't send e-mail or block unwanted e-mail; there are to many spam and pop-up [messages].
—Guest sgtbigo_e_7@msn.com

Hotmail stinks

It has locked me out, and [I] can not access my account.
—Guest skand.44

My account was hacked

My account was hacked ridiculously and has been sending spam to everyone in my address but. This is MS at its worst! This is crap.
—Guest SickOfIt


Someone has hacked my Hotmail e-mail id and I want to delete it from the administration permanently!
—Guest tagscharter

Someone has hacked my account

Someone has hacked my Hotmail e-mail id and I want to delete it from the administration permanently!
—Guest Elita Emran


Don't want to receive email; don't have time to open my account. It's boring.
—Guest geraldcag

What would one expect from Microsoft?

Absolutely no security (my account was hacked - twice), horrendous "customer service", crammed with spam - all based from Microsoft lack of concern for customers.
—Guest Tired of the whole mess
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