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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Windows Live Hotmail Account?

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Worst Service Ever!

Hotmail is absolutely diabolical. Worst service ever! Hacked and hijacked like it was going out of fashion and still not resolved. Got a new account now, but really wanted to keep my emails.

Why I am quitting

I am quitting because I have been hacked. I am sorry to have to do this because it is my first email address, and I have used it for many years.
—Guest hilliest@hotmail.com


I can get hacked, right? But I [can't] send my contacts a letter saying "go to the new email address." *I get "undeliverable mail". Yet this hacker can send email to the same contacts. Go figure…
—Guest Bemyownboss4ever

Email hike by unknown person

[I want to close my Windows Live Hotmail account] because it was hiked by someone [and because of] its use for illegal work.
—Guest neenagupta01@hotmail.com

Can't Ever Get In

I will [quit] because I CAN'T EVER GET TO IT! It [takes] me everywhere but sign in to check my e-mail.
—Guest debbie gregory

Outdated and non-functional

I decided to switch to Gmail for many reasons. First, I use this address as secondary to my work email and something in the "hotmail" bit disturbed me when asking my peers in other Universities to use it. Then, Hotmail hasn't changed significantly in the fifteen years I've been using it. If anything, it became worse, with recurring and unresolved spam/hijacking issues, clumsy interface and slow performance. Gmail might not be a panacea, but at least it's fast, quite reliable at present and offers simple, intuitive tools to make life easier (e.g. labeling and archival of messages). I'll miss Hotmail for purely symbolical, historical reasons and the memories I have from opening my first email account in 1995. Snapping out of nostalgia, reality dictates a change of email provider and — surprisingly — Gmail makes it so easy to do the switch ;)
—Guest Leo

I haven't quit yet but I am close

It is going on a month now and I can't seem to access my email account any longer. The message comes back and says I am not logged in the internet. This is the only personal email I have and I need to use it daily. I can't keep waiting for it to work again. There doesn't seem to be a help line to ask questions so I don't know what is wrong or how to fix it. I have had this account for quite a while now and this is the first time I have had problems. If I can't get into the web site I will have to set up an email elsewhere.
—Guest s chase

Blocked me from sending e-mail

Hotmail blocked me from sending an e-mail, and I don't know why because I did nothing wrong. I just set up [the] account yesterday.
—Guest mojomulligan @Hotmail.com

Account hacked, so I closed it

My Hotmail account was hacked & my password reset on June 7, 2010 and London travel scam messages were sent to my contacts. After much time and persuasion, Hotmail allowed me to re-set my password. I deleted all my contacts and emails. I had the account for about 10 years with no problems. However, now that I know how hard it is to get in touch with Hotmail in order to fix a problem, I am done with them. If you don't pay for the account, as with Hotmail, G-mail, etc. they have no incentive to help you when you have been hacked. I have heard Gmail is better, but they have also been hacked. One other gripe: I know I am not the only one who got hacked but had trouble finding this topic on line.
—Guest cow_town

I will quit if…

I have not quit yet but I will if no one answers my request for help. I have 1 home computer, and, when signed into Hotmail, I keep getting a message in a yellow box asking me to sign in again. This message comes up about every second email I am reading.
—Guest William Mahoney

Hacked, too!

just been hacked, and my email is sending everyone, contact or not, an email which is not from me. I am through!
—Guest april


People keep hacking into my email address with stupid things.
—Guest trish

All-around Crud

The service was unreliable, and I had to constantly manually refresh the page to get my email. At least with Gmail, it's fast and easy to use. Hotmail also didn't support my mobile service.
—Guest Kristen


My account was hacked into and I will not be a victim. Hotmail started out good, but is too easy now to compromise.
—Guest sober92gal

Also Hacked

Someone hacked into my hotmail and is sending emails to all my contacts saying I am out of country and need money. Somehow they have changed my password so can't even log on to it…
—Guest guest leann

I Quit Because...

Why Did You Close Your Windows Live Hotmail Account?

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