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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Windows Live Hotmail Account?

Responses: 361


Ads and Unwanted Emails on My Main Email

I am going to switch to another server if [Windows Live Hotmail] don't tell me how to get rid of the above. I have had Hotmail for years but hate it in the past few days.
—Guest Pat

It won't allow me to access my emails

I had my [Windows Live Hotmail] account of just over 10 years with no major problems and now it suddenly wont let me access my account or when it does, I cant send/read emails. Don't understand whats happened to it.

Im Angry…

…because someone else was using my account, and they kept sending odd messages to my friends!
—Guest anonymous


Email was sending spam to my friends, took a while to explain to my friends why I'd sent them info on beauty products. Closed account. Hotmail are useless with support.
—Guest Ryan

Don't Need It Any More

I'm cutting it off because I don't need [my Windows Live Hotmail account] any more, and I'm bored with with it, and moving it is boring, and I'm over it. A big waste of time — and boring.
—Guest j.savrll

Compromised Hotmail Account

I rec'd an email from what I thought was Windows asking for my email & password. I gave it to them as I thought it was legit. Now all my email is in arabic and they're sending emails 2 all my contacts asking 4 $2500.00.
—Guest brenda

My account was hacked

My account was hacked, and people I had emailed started getting fake emails from my account.
—Guest Tackeart


Someone hacked into my account and sent out messages that were of a nature of which I am not accustomed.
—Guest Laura Morgan


My [Windows Live Hotmail] account was hacked, and I was uncomfortable keeping it.
—Guest no body

Hijacked Account

I quit because someone hijacked my Hotmail account and was sending very obscene emails everyday for weeks to all my contacts.
—Guest Marilyn Tipton

Photo resizing facility disappears

Photo attachment resize, on more than one occasion, simply disappears. Even when it is there, a photo of less than large size can only be attached after one full sized one. This is very strange.
—Guest Coelacanth

Hacked and Blocked

My Hotmail account was hacked and has now been blocked for the last 2 months. The Windows Live forum is a total crock. It sends you in circles and does absolutely nothing. There is no one to contact and no help to be found. Microsoft is a total piece. If I could close my account, I would, but even that is impossible.
—Guest Megan

Received Spam

I received spam — I am very upset — had to delete everything — not sure what they compromised
—Guest Kathy


Microsoft blocked me and wouldn't let me back in. i don't want the hassle.
—Guest bonniedeason

Too much Junk

I would put them on a block sender list and they just turned up with a new name.
—Guest ustab01

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