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Readers Respond: Why Did You Close Your Windows Live Hotmail Account?

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Blocked Account

I did not close my account, they blocked it due to fictitious emails going out from my account.
—Guest aaafencedo


Someone got into my email, and I thought I had to close it. They posted an email to my list for $3500.
—Guest sandra zech

Hogs Emails

Used other email program for five weeks and on some days got no mail at all. When I did log into Windows Live Hotmail I discovered 1370 emails it had downloaded on its own and stored. Using "Select All" when deleting, I could only select 36 at a time. What a sorry mess!
—Guest D. Shahan


I had been hacked twice, and all my contacts were sent emails [with] porno materials. I changed two times my password, and nothing!
—Guest vespan

I Quite Because Hotmail Blows...

I got Hotmail because a friend asked me to… it is horrible! Account limits? It only allows me to send so many emails then locks my account up. It tells me to verify my account with a text message to my phone, but my carrier is not listed. Woke up this morning & tried to send an email, but it says my daily limit has been met… It’s the first email of the day. Hot mail blows… I don’t know why anyone would want this garbage… Gmail’s better.
—Guest MT


When my email account with Hotmail was hacked, I tried twice to have it reinstated — I provided the information needed but was refused because "we take our security seriously and cannot take any chances". Total nonsense!

Hacked & Hijacked!

Always careful to avoid exposure by not opening attachments, regular virus scans, etc. yet still got hijacked - no security here!
—Guest Andrew S

Windows Live Hotmail a Waste of Time

Spent to much time trying to figure out why I couldn't send outgoing emails. I also had password issues. Called Microsoft and didn't do much good. Big dissapointment. A waste of time if you ask me. Moving on with other email providers.
—Guest guest; Who

Windows Live Hotmail Is Not for Me!

Too many ads, keeps asking me to log in, won't send email most of the time and I don't need MSN Messenger or Bing – don't know what that is and really don't want/need to for my purposes.
—Guest Zibba George

Spams and Crap!

I had this weird pen-pal, and he wrote me creepy messages.. plus a lot of junk mail! And I wasted a heck load of time on my Hotmail account! It was very distracting!
—Guest haha

Hotmail Does Not Recognize my Passwords

[Windows Live Hotmail] does not recognize my passwords. [I'm] fed up with trying to log in and am going elsewhere.
—Guest patricia hyde

They Spy

Google, Facebook, Hotmail, they all scan and read your emails and the NSA and all those enter your emails to learn who you are, with whom you correspond, what you are up to, if you are a communist, etc then they will pass that information to banks and companies so that you don't get a loan or are hired. That is, you don't need to commit a crime, they will profile you so that they know that you are in favor of Occupy Wall Street for example, that is enough to include you in the databases that all companies check before hiring you etc.
—Guest Spying

Suspect my email has been hacked

Some said my password had expired & asked me to put in another one. Now, I can't get in.
—Guest Suspect my email has been hacked

Hacked twice!

I had been hacked twice, and all my contacts were sent emails. P_ _ sed off!
—Guest gadabout

Locked Windows Live Hotmail Account

[I quit my Windows Live Hotmail account] because Microsoft & VeriSign have locked the reading of my emails, so I can't enter and read them.
—Guest al gud

I Quit Because...

Why Did You Close Your Windows Live Hotmail Account?

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