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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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From the article: Top 10 Free Email Services
Which free email service do you use? Is your account years old, or did you switch recently?

What makes you stay? What made you switch? What would make you switch?

Yahoo is a hackers dream!!

I have been hacked so many time on Yahoo, that last year I had to have my computer wiped clean & start fresh. I just got spam hacked again this morning. I would go with gmail but they don't have a folder file & I use mine on Yahoo all the time. I am not the best at the computer so I'm not sure what to do.
—Guest Gem

so many different email options

I use outlook.com which used to be hotmail.com. My email address is still hotmail.com. I also use mail.com and Yahoo email. Each one of these has its issues. Often, outlook/hotmail will auto refresh when I'm in the middle of reading a message or newsletter; but, it doesn't land at the place where I was reading. The auto-refresh is annoying and unnecessary. Mail.com has it's problems as well. Often my browser will get to the mail.com home page; but, when I go to log in, it can't find the server. Also, messages that I send from mail.com will get bounced back to me as undeliverable. For example, I can send an email to one person on one day. The very next day, I can send a message to that same person and it bounces back. I use the basic version of Yahoo Mail. It works more consistently than mail.com; but, sometimes I get error messages. Maybe more often than just sometimes. However, of the 3, I think Yahoo is more consistent in letting me send and receive messages.

What I use

Yahoo mail lost its mind. After 20 years with them, I was dumped with no warning or explanation. I lost vital financial information. I switched to gmail and couldn't be happier.
—Guest Gene

Yahoo doesn't deliver

Have used Yahoo since the day we got our first computer & never had 1 complaint or problem until the past month. Not one of the emails I have sent in the last 30 days ever got to the person I was sending it to even though I got the messages that they had been "successfully sent". Unfortunately every one of them was important & time sensitive messages so I am so done! And looking for a different free email service. Also been very annoyed by their constant requests for phone number...So not happening! especially when my emails aren't getting delivered any more!
—Guest Eileen

Mail.com and AIM.com

I use mail.com and aim.com. They are kind of all right. I don't have to use a cell phone for either one, but they don't have that much storage. It works good for me though. I don't like providing all of that personal information.
—Guest Kandy Gurl

Zoho and Yandex FTW

I was sick and tired of spam coming out of my ears on Yahoo and Gmail forces you to use their stuff and does whatever they want with your mail..I found Zoho, which in the 2 years I've had it, I've never had a single spam mail and I can use it free to host my website email too. Throw in free office apps and I'm set. Love Zoho! Just got a Yandex account a year or so ago and loved it so much I got another one. Yandex is the Russian equivalent to Google's popularity but I've never had a single problem with my Yandex mail accounts (and the mail service has English links and setups) I tanked Yahoo and have eliminated 2 Gmail accounts. Unfortunately I have to keep one because it's my Android account, Youtube etc..see why I hate Google?
—Guest Pariah

Mail.com and xtcmail

I've been having trouble with Mail.com. Every password I try to make (including those with just random letters and numbers fitting all their requirements) is pronounced "too easy". I was using xtcmail, which was VERY simple, but I think their domain wasn't paid for or something...? Because it's no longer there. :(
—Guest Hannah

Good-Bye Juno

I've been using Juno since I started using email back in 94 or so… All of a sudden, they have these huge advertisements on the right side of the screen to where I can't even read my messages without using the arrow keys. I've complained a few times and was told they would take my comments into consideration. After reading all of these comments, I don't know where to go now. HELP!
—Guest gmc41

Gmail, Yahoo and Hotmail Have Problems

Gmail has made it a practise earlier on that you have to be recommended by a friend to open an account earlier on. I have to wait a while before opening an account - by the time I opened my account I do not need it anymore so I am using it to collect all the news reports which I do not read. Hotmail kept me out for using their services because somebody who was knowledgeable in computer systems and email used my email address to spam others. I was punished for somebody's doing. I have Yahoo for 13 years. Regardless of the difficulties I face when opening up my email address each time I remain using their services. I cannot complain for there is no such thing as a free lunch and I am thankful to those who try their best to help by providing free email services.
—Guest Sebastian

Gmail a pain in the Butt

Tried to reconnect to Gmail after being down for several weeks. What a headache, and I've been with them for years. No thanks! Gmail can shove it where the monkey shoved its nuts!
—Guest Maureen

Google Mail

I agree with comments about Google. Google absolutely stinks to the high heavens! They are a wash-out.
—Guest Maureen

I love Gmail

I love Gmail. I can't believe there are so many people that hate using Gmail because of Google's privacy policy. Yet again, most of them may have Facebook, which also has its own privacy policy issues.
—Guest Ken

I've Never Had Problems with Gmail

I have never ever had problems with Gmail. I don't understand why people are talking about it as if it's the worst thing ever. I love Gmail. When I am logged in, I can get to lots other "apps". I especially love Google+. So, don't listen to anyone who is saying it stinks because it doesn't.
—Guest meepmop

Trying to switch from Gmail

Google just locked me out of my own email account. It says I have to send a copy of my ID to them to verify my birthday. It had been pestering me for my phone number for quite a while. Now this! WTH? I had my email account with them for a long time. But now I'm switching. Google and Gmail can go to Hell.
—Guest suns

Beware of Gmail/Maps in phones

If you HAVE ANY Google apps in your cellphone then check the privacy settings. Gmail/Maps settings are all changed and locked so they can access and datamine all your contacts, SMS, photo's, everything in your phone up to their servers on a continuous 24/7 basis. In the USA and here in Europe, the governments have full access to ALL of your information datamined and stored by google. Hence no opposition to their new privacy policy. Everything you do with google is logged. It's not a case of if you're not doing anything wrong then you've nothing to worry about. It's the principle of it. Just imagine what they are datamining from out of your pc, laptop etc because you use one of their products or google search. It's criminal. It's theft of your private information because you skipped over or didn't read their privacy policy properly. People who use facebook, twitter etc are insane. Stay private.
—Guest Use encryption to hide your IP address
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