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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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From the article: Top 11 Free Email Services
Which free email service do you use? Is your account years old, or did you switch recently?

What makes you stay? What made you switch? What would make you switch? Share Your Pick

Gmail, Not Too Bad

I have been using Gmail for quite some time. I give them a positive review because of the security. On my gmail account you have to enter two passwords, the set one, and one generated every minute on my phone. (Google Authentication) Also I like the way my calendar is synchronised with my phone and also all my contacts saved on my account, therefore when my phone is due for upgrade all I have to do to get my contacts is to sign in. For these reasons I give Gmail a 5-Star rating and recommend Gmail as the best free email service that is free.
—Guest UltimateGamerZA

I need a new email service

I use Yahoo email. I now does not work with Exceed or Wild Blue at all. It constantly crashes and just plain sucks, I need a new Emil provider! Am Ny advice?
—Guest Linda Scheihing


I signed up with GMail today, figuring I could fake the number with no problem. Now it requires a message to your phone to verify. Screw that. Yahoo requires a phone now, too, apparently. And mail.com tails (e.g. @secretary.net) keep being identified like this: "This e-mail is not valid and it does not exist." And yet, I'm using the e-mail. So does that mean I don't exist? Even worse, you need gmail to use YouTube now. Wtf?! I have an old g-mail account and I'm keeping it but geez. Anyway, also looking for a new service; I'm sick and tired of being pestered just so because I need another e-mail for something. I use probably half a dozen e-mails for different things for a reason, and any one of them that says they need my phone # can kiss my Irish ass and go to hell.
—Guest Blarg

Yahoo's the worst, Gmail is scary!

Thank you for all the posts! I enjoyed reading all the comments and concur with the majority. Yahoo went from great to the worst provider on the planet! I've had my business account with them for 7 years and in the last 2 years it has become so unstable and unreliable, I can't function. Definitely having a negative impact on my business. All of my yahoo accounts have been hacked at one time or another. The system constantly freezes up, then this week, the server crashed in the middle of my work. It was down for nearly an hour! What the f)&$! Are you kidding me! One positive of gmail, I've not been hacked, excluding NSA of course. I too hate all the interconnections that these providers want you to make with every social media provider out there, and facebook is the worst demon of all! Ugh!!!
—Guest Completely Frustrated

Looking to escape from Gmail

Used to be in love with Gmail. Then it decided to badger me constantly about connecting all my email accounts (no thanks; I set them up separately for a reason!), connecting to Facebook/Youtube/everything else under the sun every time I sign in (no thanks; I don't use those sites); and shoving ridiculous failed attempts at organisation down my throat (thanks for the "Categories"... oh, wait, no thanks. I didn't actually need all of the mail in my work account 'helpfully' labeled "Work" - can't imagine why!) Oh, and it REALLY needs to stop asking for my phone number. That's not happening, though of couse I'm deeply touched by their "concern" that 'something might happen' to my account. I'm sure that my personal convenience is the only reason they want it! When they're not busily screwing it up, I love Gmail's threading and labeling options, which is why I'm still with them for now... but the negative features are getting stronger by the day, so I'm shopping around for a new service.
—Guest FDK

Yahoo email user but??

currently Yahoo wants too much information that is not needed they just want it. The new CEO should understand soon no one will be willing to use Yahoo anymore because this crap. Then they will be showing their advertising to who??
—Guest Trouble #1

What did I ever do to you iCLOUD?!??

I've been using icloud.com forever and all of a sudden the other day it just denied me access to my own account. I tried everything to get back in. Nothing. Lost everything. So screw you too. Good bye!
—Guest Acey


It gives me all that I require and nothing extra.
—Guest vamel

Thexyz Webmail

I use Thexyz Webmail [editor's note: not available free as of December 2013] which is much better than the crap you listed here.
—Guest Thomas

Yahoo, Hushmail

I used yahoo mail for years, then the changes came along with a lot of confusion and it became harder to use with all the jumping around, etc., so I went with Free Hushmail (Canada) which was the best thing I've seen in years, But after a few months use (with only 25 MB storage) I'm having trouble getting back my "Free space" availability even after removing all trash, spam, draft, etc., and having only 1 or 2 in sent and inbox. I'm sure they're all pressuring us to pay for email, so I'm also looking for something better.
—Guest John

Gmail Invade Too Much of Your Privacy

I owned more than 10 email accounts (for various use) and had experienced most of the listed providers above. I considered this article a little biased, as they never give out the negative side of Gmail, while I can list a lot. Come on, I know Google is popular and so is Gmail, but it doesn't necessary to write a review or informative article with opinions in it. Gmail, while doing a good job with being an email provider, invade too much of your privacy. Do a research, it has been on the news for a few weeks already. Google, with its cool stuff and search engines, is not perfect.
—Guest kngymin

Yahoo is driving me nuts

It won't let me download files to my computer and made me change the interface which is much more annoying and I used to get awful ads popping up.
—Guest NB

Yahoo Mail

i've had a yahoo mail acct for twenty years and i have seen them change alot. their OIB (other in box) which i don't think has anything to do with yahoo, is a great service. it sorts all my mail and puts it in its proper folder,now around 10-15-13 they change it.well i hate it!!!.i use firefox for my browser,if you care about privacy,security or safety for your family this is the browser for you.anyway last night i found a add on for my firefox that changed my mailbox back to normal it worked perfectly i was happy again,now this morning i can't access my mail,it will work with internet explorer but i won't.so having to make a choice i will choose firefox and goodbye yahoo and that is why i am at this website today.oh just FYI there are 4 companies tracking you right now!!!there are 5 companies talking to your computer in the background right now!!!only 2 of them are needed so you can use this website.be safe,be careful,protect your privacy. thank you mikeghoward56
—Guest mikeghoward

Mozilla Thunderbird

Was using Windows Live Mail until it stopped me from sending mail - newly composed or Reply-to outgoing email would not send. No help from them. Switched to Thunderbird, which I had used before. Adequate mail handler, but now it refuses to open attachments (but an alternate program had no problem opening the same attachments). Again, Mozilla was no help. Now I'm still looking for an alternate. Free is best, but I'd be willing to pay a nominal fee for a satisfactory e-mail provider. Does one exist? I'll keep looking.
—Guest MisterBob

Free email service I use

I currently use Yandex, which is a Russian based company. It is stable and seems secure enough. Honestly I I just don't trust email companies based in my own country because of the NSA and all these insane laws they have passed or plan on passing.
—Guest Zybersun

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Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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