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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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From the article: Top 11 Free Email Services
Which free email service do you use? Is your account years old, or did you switch recently?

What makes you stay? What made you switch? What would make you switch? Share Your Pick

Yahoo is a hackers dream!!

I have been hacked so many time on Yahoo, that last year I had to have my computer wiped clean & start fresh. I just got spam hacked again this morning. I would go with gmail but they don't have a folder file & I use mine on Yahoo all the time. I am not the best at the computer so I'm not sure what to do.
—Guest Gem

so many different email options

I use outlook.com which used to be hotmail.com. My email address is still hotmail.com. I also use mail.com and Yahoo email. Each one of these has its issues. Often, outlook/hotmail will auto refresh when I'm in the middle of reading a message or newsletter; but, it doesn't land at the place where I was reading. The auto-refresh is annoying and unnecessary. Mail.com has it's problems as well. Often my browser will get to the mail.com home page; but, when I go to log in, it can't find the server. Also, messages that I send from mail.com will get bounced back to me as undeliverable. For example, I can send an email to one person on one day. The very next day, I can send a message to that same person and it bounces back. I use the basic version of Yahoo Mail. It works more consistently than mail.com; but, sometimes I get error messages. Maybe more often than just sometimes. However, of the 3, I think Yahoo is more consistent in letting me send and receive messages.

What I use

Yahoo mail lost its mind. After 20 years with them, I was dumped with no warning or explanation. I lost vital financial information. I switched to gmail and couldn't be happier.
—Guest Gene

Yahoo doesn't deliver

Have used Yahoo since the day we got our first computer & never had 1 complaint or problem until the past month. Not one of the emails I have sent in the last 30 days ever got to the person I was sending it to even though I got the messages that they had been "successfully sent". Unfortunately every one of them was important & time sensitive messages so I am so done! And looking for a different free email service. Also been very annoyed by their constant requests for phone number...So not happening! especially when my emails aren't getting delivered any more!
—Guest Eileen

Mail.com and AIM.com

I use mail.com and aim.com. They are kind of all right. I don't have to use a cell phone for either one, but they don't have that much storage. It works good for me though. I don't like providing all of that personal information.
—Guest Kandy Gurl

Zoho and Yandex FTW

I was sick and tired of spam coming out of my ears on Yahoo and Gmail forces you to use their stuff and does whatever they want with your mail..I found Zoho, which in the 2 years I've had it, I've never had a single spam mail and I can use it free to host my website email too. Throw in free office apps and I'm set. Love Zoho! Just got a Yandex account a year or so ago and loved it so much I got another one. Yandex is the Russian equivalent to Google's popularity but I've never had a single problem with my Yandex mail accounts (and the mail service has English links and setups) I tanked Yahoo and have eliminated 2 Gmail accounts. Unfortunately I have to keep one because it's my Android account, Youtube etc..see why I hate Google?
—Guest Pariah

Yahoo's Revamp

Seriously, Yahoo used to be one of the better emails around but got destroyed after the revamp. It's too difficult to read and organise mails now and the layout is crap.
—Guest Jerry Yang

Yahoo and Gmail Suck

Yahoo is slow as crap and down right non functional if you use firefox with adblocker (work around is to use it from your iPod or Ipad with the built in mail program)- Gmail is doing what anyone does with all that power, abusing it. They do track you but that is because Logging in to your Gmail ALSO logs you in to their search browser... What I want is a service I can count on to be there forever. I wouldn't mind paying 2$ or 3$ a month for a bankable Email with no ads, and no agenda besides providing solid email. I have no idea if there is such a thing.
—Guest The Dude

Foxtrot Uniform to Yahoo and Gmail

Gmail, Yahoo, and the others are all in collaberation with the government, which is why they pester you for more information about personal matters. I am terminating both of my Yahoo and Gmail accounts, they are crap!
—Guest John Doe

Yahoo and Gmail Suck

Can't stand the way Yahoo and Gmail thread their replies to your emails. It get very confusing and it is NOT user intuitive. If you don't know the click on the little arrow beside the email, which drops down the 'replies' so you can select whom you wish to converse with; AND if you don't know to select the 'reply' option on the email you are reading (not the generic reply for the whole email) then you are 1) wasting time loading crap, and 2) inadvertantly replying to the wrong person! Even when you know this and you are a computer nerd it happens! I went to Outlook.com which is the good old fashioned way of doing email. It threads replies the correct way and it loads pretty fast.... Which is another thing with this new Yahoo email - SLOW as frozen molasses - ugh! I only use it for my 'junk' crap. But then again hey! it's all free so we really can't complain too much now can we????
—Guest Get what you pay for


yahoo is really showing rag tag times lately! recently I haven't been able to even write a single email out! I'm headin out to gmail!
—Guest shieldwolf

do not recommend zoho

After setting up their two-factor authentication I have not been able to recover my access my account. Contacted the help desk, which responded 2 days later and was completely useless. I have lost valuable personal and business related information. I too think Zoho is a waste of time and can care less about their customers/users. I do not recommend Zoho to anyone. There are much better email hosts out there that you can work with, talk to, and support your needs; unlike Zoho. What a waste of time. Free (headache) !!!.....HA!!
—Guest Stick with what you know

Gmail, Not Too Bad

I have been using Gmail for quite some time. I give them a positive review because of the security. On my gmail account you have to enter two passwords, the set one, and one generated every minute on my phone. (Google Authentication) Also I like the way my calendar is synchronised with my phone and also all my contacts saved on my account, therefore when my phone is due for upgrade all I have to do to get my contacts is to sign in. For these reasons I give Gmail a 5-Star rating and recommend Gmail as the best free email service that is free.
—Guest UltimateGamerZA

I need a new email service

I use Yahoo email. I now does not work with Exceed or Wild Blue at all. It constantly crashes and just plain sucks, I need a new Emil provider! Am Ny advice?
—Guest Linda Scheihing


I signed up with GMail today, figuring I could fake the number with no problem. Now it requires a message to your phone to verify. Screw that. Yahoo requires a phone now, too, apparently. And mail.com tails (e.g. @secretary.net) keep being identified like this: "This e-mail is not valid and it does not exist." And yet, I'm using the e-mail. So does that mean I don't exist? Even worse, you need gmail to use YouTube now. Wtf?! I have an old g-mail account and I'm keeping it but geez. Anyway, also looking for a new service; I'm sick and tired of being pestered just so because I need another e-mail for something. I use probably half a dozen e-mails for different things for a reason, and any one of them that says they need my phone # can kiss my Irish ass and go to hell.
—Guest Blarg

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Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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