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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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My Experiences with Gmail and Hotmail

Had Gmail for years, and then this past year or so, when I would delete in "Trash" an email from "Mr. B" and IF I still had an email from "Mr. B" in the "inbox", Gmail would delete that one too! VERY upsetting! I went to Hotmail! Got the email all set up, then went to notify my family and friends "in MY contacts", and Hotmail shut me down completely ~ said they could see I had SPAM!
—Guest jenny

Looking for something new

Currently, [I] am using Gmail but looking for something new or different now. [I] was also using Hotmail, but too much spam gets into the inbox, and [you] spend most of the time deleting those! Plus, like another poster said—it's ugly and not too useful. I'm looking for another email acct because I think Gmail/Google is too big for the world. Not too keen on their current rep (they're the ones who want to take over the world!).
—Guest marti444

Gmail, and Sick of It

[I've been] using gmail a long time. Lately it is slow beyond reality. It also randomly deletes contacts or parts of contacts. And best of all, it recently deleted all of my archived mail! Don't even know what to do right now.
—Guest Disgruntled gmail user

There isn't anything perfect as of yet..

I tried quite many email "solutions" over the time. Yahoo is good, but no free POP access. Gmail is good, but you can't sort your email based on size? Ridiculous. Hotmail is good, but full of ads, ugly and the name is terrible (hotmail??), and they delete your account if you don't use it for a while… Operamail is good, but it crashed on me a few times (buggy). Inbox.com is very good indeed (my favorite), but they don't have IMAP access (that's a big letdown). Technically it would be very easy to make a perfect email service. I think nobody wants to do it, for some reason (no idea why not). If someone is willing to launch the perfect email service, here is my wishlist: 1. Limited storage is OK, say, max 5gb. 2. IMAP (and POP) access for backup. 3. Collect from other POP/IMAP/etc. accounts. 4. Organizer/notebook features. 5. Integrated IMs (all of them). 6. SMS notification/integration option. 7. Save/backup into 1 single file. Anyone willing to launch it?
—Guest Tafinaf

Gmail, Yahoo, MSN

I have all three. But I use G-mail rarely, but it probably works best. Yahoo will come up second, although I don't use it as much as Hotmail, which I use the most.
—Guest Someone

Yahoo. Gmail& Hotmail suck

I have been a very good user of the above free service providers for quite sometimes no, but someone hacked my both of them, what a joke? with all this technology?? [They] suck big.
—Guest shilla

Hacked off with MSN

I have had MSN for years, and until recently it worked OK. Someone hacked my account and MSN "claims" I am not the authorized user! After I jumped through hoops to "prove" I was the authorized user - MSN has done nothing to satisfy this account for me. I can't access anything from that account. MSN SUCKS AS FAR AS I AM CONCERNED*******
—Guest Ticked off

Gmail is Number 1

[Gmail] is by far the best email interface I've seen thus far and has very limited ad interruption and many ways to enable fast, clear, smooth, reliable email sorting and searching. I think it's the best one I've used.
—Guest Matt

Used Yahoo for a long time but... Gmail

I used Yahoo for a long time now, but I'm on to bigger, better things and don't want to pay for it and try Lavabit and couldn't find anything. Where is just a simple email for business?
—Guest kdog


I use hotmail because of the free POP access that works well with outlook and the free office web apps. I have been very pleased. I recently switched to it from Yahoo because they do not have free POP access.
—Guest Anonymus

GMX Mail — A Waste of Time?

I read this blog and signed up for GMX free email service. BIG mistake, after using it for a day it became blocked. Read their forums, and found out that this is typical of GMX; many have had their email blocked so that could not get into their GMX account. Oh well, live and learn. What a waste of time?!
—Guest Teena

Want something secure

I have Hotmail and Gmail, and I like to use POP and IMAP, but Yahoo doesn't offer it for free, so I need something more secure and have those services.
—Guest many mail

Yahoo Mail!

I like my Yahoo Mail account because of the simple interface and the unlimited space. I would recommend this e-mail service to anyone.
—Guest Lucas

Yahoo! Mail

I use Yahoo. It seems to have the best security options and such. I recommend Yahoo for those who are unsure.
—Guest Guest Guest

Neither Gmail nor GMX Mail

I have had really bad luck with both Gmail and GMX. So I am looking yet. Maybe someday someone will have something that just works.
—Guest James Smith

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