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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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The Most I Use Is Aol!

Yea. I had Aol 4 a long time! It has AIM. You can add apps 2 it, too. It's really good. I recommend it :)
—Guest VictoryUser

Yahoo, Until Now

Looking for another email service. The "new" Yahoo is bad news. Added something called "smart complete" - what a joke.
—Guest Yahoo beta

BellSouth - AT&T - Yahoo! - And Now?

10 years ago my first and only email account was Bellsouth. Then I was switched to AT&T. Then Yahoo acquired the account. I still received email with bellsouth.net. Now I'm forced to use their Beta format which is pure garbage..slow, too much spam, system shutting down, slow to open emails, can't access my contact list with any speed, poor support system for problem solving, and on and on and on... Am trying to find an efficient email provider. HELP! HELP! HELP!
—Guest yahoo

FastMail: Very Solid

For $39 a year, FastMail [which also comes as a free offering] provides very impressive no-nonsense email. ZERO ads, huge storage, unlimited folders. From what I remember you get 2G of space for email and can even use that space to backup files from your HD. You also get another 1G if space that can be used to host a web site, which I currently do. Many other great features and easy to use. I've not had one problem with them in 4 yrs. Highly recommend.
—Guest fastmail


I use both Yahoo and Msn. Yahoo is my first one or I should [say] my main one. In Yahoo, my mail box is Yahoo beta.
—Guest yahoo

Mail.com: New Format Not User Friendly

Mail.com often changes format. Recent format blocks me from sending my own emails out. Due to spam filters & no way to turn off that function except to remove all spam function. Used to love mail.com but not now.

A 9 Year Run With Yahoo!

After 9 years with Yahoo it is time to go! Because I won't do their beta thing, they now make me encrypt all my out going e-mail—very time consuming. And the ads keep coming—while i'm trying to read script.
—Guest YAHOO

HATE the new Yahoo beta

The switch to the new Yahoo is not optional. I hate it. Have had my address for over ten years, but it's buggy now, slow, freezes my browser, terrible.
—Guest Leaving Yahoo


Try HapticMail.com. You can add your own email domains for a small fee, but @hapticmail.com accounts are free.
—Guest actaeonixion

The "New & Improved" Yahoo! Beta

I absolutely hate what they did to the Yahoo! beta. I had problems with my contact list & went to the classic to fix it. I clicked on "change to Yahoo! Beta". I didn't realize that there was this "new & improved" version. I HATE IT & am looking for another email service. The number one thing that I hate about it, it won't show the email body without opening it; instead it automatically opens the email when you click on it. Talk about virus heaven! I have a hotmail account but I use it for notifications from companies, promos, etc. That way I don't receive extra emails in my "private" account. I was going to use AT&T but it seems that they teamed up with Yahoo! Yes, I left a detailed report of what I hated about the "new & improved" Yahoo! Beta.
—Guest pitbullski

Gmail is the best

I tried Opera, Mozilla SeaMonkey, Yahoo Mail, and Gmail. Gmail is by far the best and comes with other services as part of your Google Account.
—Guest me

Gmail: No Help

[I got] locked out of g-mail. Absolutely no help or concern. Lost EVERYTHING.
—Guest abc

Hotmail: the Worst

After 10 years Hotmail Locked me out of my account. I lost valuable info. Hotmail says "nothing I can do about it".
—Guest HotmailTheWorst

Frankly, they all…

Frankly, they all suck. Yahoo reeks with spam; gmail is a spastic but their VOLUME is a draw because you can store mail ad infinitum. Both yahoo and gmail have serious software glitches and problems and aren't all that reliable… if you want reasonably good email, use Juno… but I think they charge you.
—Guest Robert

Yahoo! Used to Be Great

Yahoo used to be great. I'm having problems with them now. They say I must use Beta and will not be able to use Yahoo mail anymore. Well, problem is I can't access Beta. So I guess it's goodbye Yahoo!
—Guest Cam

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Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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