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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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Yahoo: A Mess. Gmail: Horrible.

Agree with everyone who says all the "new and improved's" Yahoo has given us over the years absolutely SUCK! They originally gave a simple and good service. Now they're a complete mess. Google is also horrible, so no help there. What's up with giving us a SIMPLE TO USE product as long as you're offering it for free?
—Guest nmbourne

There goes Yahoo

Went to Yahoo when I knew that I was going to lose my ISP email. Picked Yahoo because friend used it. Horrible, but friend told [me] how to change to Classic Yahoo. My email: less than 4 a month. Ads as email: over 200 a day. Yahoo going to force [me] out of Classic and get worse. Read all 448 (now) entries on this site to try to find something else. Time is from your/mine life and is not free. Got to try something.
—Guest PaulE

Gmail is the Greatest

With a Gmail-account with practically no limits in space and functionality, you will easily connect to all the other extremely useful services like Google Docs, Calendar, Sites, Blogs, Photo/Images by just mentioning a few. The worst thing a lot of people do — is using their email-account at work for private messages, which makes it hard to change work… The same problem applies to using the "free accounts" connected to the network providers at home, which makes it hard to switch to another.
—Guest Kjell Arne

Gmail rocks

Gmail is one of the best email services out there, I have had an account for years, and received no spam. You can even customize the look of Gmail, and have cool things like 'undo send' and free voice calling!
—Guest Iluvatar

Gmail is terrible

Used for over a year, and it gets worse everyday. 3/4 of the screen is now useless blue and pictures 1/4 size. I'm out, too confusing.
—Guest t butler

Hotmail has the worst security on planet

I've been with Hotmail for 16 years. It was a good service until Mister Softie bought it and turned it into a security nightmare. I've been hacked a dozen times in the last 2 years; they regularly lock me out of my account; pw change/recovery is a nightmare in itself. In the last 48 hours I've changed my PW 3 times and I'm still — STILL! — locked out of my account. I'm going to dump it.
—Guest Corlyss

I now HATE Mail.com!

I used to love mail.com. Its beauty was in its simplicity. I used to be able to log on, leave the window open indefinitely & would hear a "bing" for every incoming email. Also back then, mail.com gave you a selection of 200 domains to choose from for your email address. Now when I log in, my computer slows down the longer I leave the window open. When I minimize the window & do something else, every few minutes at random, the mail.com window pops up front and center no matter what. Since the change, I am no longer able to check my mail via my iPod as it would crash every single time. I now use the mail.com app. The only thing I like about it is that it doesn't crash. I don't like having to add another app, why can't I just log in to the website and pick up my mail like all my other email addresses? The worst of all is the customer support. I have waited days only to have my questions answered by form letters that never even come close to addressing my issue. What happened? I hate it!
—Guest CactusHeart

Leaving Yahoo

Have been with Yahoo over 10 years. The new mail SUCKS. Even with the older versions, some friends have NEVER been able to receive even one e mail from me. Only way to get help is online chat for $38.00. I refuse to pay for a defective product and sick of it. Leary of Gmail due to no privacy and adds linked to the content of your messages. Is there no decent service out there? They all sound bad.
—Guest Kathy

Leaving Yahoo Too

I, too, am tired of Yahoo always "updating" an already good email. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it." This last update is terrible. I have several Yahoo accounts and I decided NOT to update one of them. It appears I'm now penalized and can't send attachments with any emails. I don't like Gmail either. All emails to one person are strung together. I don't like that. Maybe there is a way to change that, but I don't know what it is.
—Guest ohshopper

No More Yahoo

Yahoo appears to be censoring email messages about wall street protests… after all these years on Yahoo, I'm done with them. They will not even let you post the truth.
—Guest sean

Yes, Yahoo sucks

I, too, have been a steadfast Yahoo fan, but these changes suck, and it is impossible to use, so I am looking for a new email address.
—Guest kelticgoddess

Mail.com, Gmail

Have had two or three email addresses on mail.com for close to 20 years, until the AOL takeover, mail.com was plain, simple and uncluttered… NO MORE! The Huffington Post bought AOL, and now, it has so much script running that it slows down my Mac! Gmail is okay, but I am looking for something better.
—Guest Phil

New Yahoo Sucks

Been using Yahoo mail since it started, but the "new" changes messed everything up and I even lost an account with no help from those guys. I'm gonna look for something more stable, not where I'm gonna have to keep worrying about constant updates that I don't need.
—Guest DS

Hotmail is pretty good. And Gmail?

I signed up for a Hotmail account a couple months ago, only about 3 or 4 spams messages received. It seems pretty secure, and I like [it] because it's not that cluttered, or too simple. Gmail seems okay too, but I just signed up for my secondary email, and I still wait to see the results! yahoo is too crowded! Too many adds, too many options, everything is so overwhelming. I hear the security's bad, but I don't know.
—Guest jane

Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo

I have my alternate email addresses with Gmail. I don't like how it doubles up your messages if you have received more than one. - Yahoo, I have just only heard bad things about. - I still use Hotmail because it's the first email service that I heard of and you can connect services to it like Facebook and MySpace. I also like the instant messaging about everyone has moved on to Facebook now so I just email.
—Guest Elgrakell12

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