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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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Gazeta.pl — Google Mail

Hi, I'm from Poland and for 3 years have been using gazeta.pl email account. It is supported by Google, means it looks like Gmail and has nearly all the features gmail provides. I find it practical and user-friendly — no commercial adds, plain looking inbox, labels, there are no themes to choose prob. better for me as I usually waste time to change 'em if I can :) .
—Guest ashka

Tired of Yahoo! Seeking New Service

I've had Yahoo! for quite awhile and have been pretty happy with it despite the growing problem with spam. Now, however, I am starting to have problems with the Yahoo mail page locking up while advertisements on the page are fully downloaded. I upgraded to Yahoo Beta hoping this would solve the problem but it did no good. In fact, I was unable to open photos or other attachments. When I went to Yahoo for help, they simply told me they were aware of the problem and working on it. I finally decided it was time to try something new.
—Guest Susan

Major Problem With Gmail

We are having a major problem with Gmail, not able to forward pictures. The second time since Dec. . They have not been to quick in fixing. I certainly would not sign up for Gmail. Many subscribers are jumping ship.
—Guest 123jenilee

Not Hotmail

Most of my email was randomly deleted. VERY important email. There was no way to talk directly to Hotmail support, and on the forums, they were unable to recover email in many cases. Switching right away!
—Guest ksdfs


I don't know if any of these people who rave about Gmail have been affected by the latest crashes. The second time in 4 months without any response from Gmail. Unable to forward emails with pictures, very slow to correct.

Using Gmail but about to change

Currently using Gmail but about to change. 1. They are inaccessible to complaints and suggestions. 2. I cant terminate the broadcast feature (which I did not initiate) 3. They are Corporate Americana which makes them suspect. 4. They are toxically invasive, analyse content and profile accordingly for unauthorised Corporate/Public surveillance (no difference these days). Any suggestions?

Hotmail is rad!

I use Hotmail because I find it's the easiest to use cuz u can get MSN and it auto. put spam that u don't want in the spam folder!
—Guest Scenester96

A New Web Service: Openmail.cc

Ever heard of Openmail.cc ? In a world of email services crammed up with unnecessary clutter this one comes as a welcome respite. 512 MB storage, POP/IMAP access, **no ads in interface or in signature of outgoing mails**. Do check it out. It's awesome :) here http://openmail.cc
—Guest Rajat Sharma

Whotz up Yahoo, Gmail?

Been on Yahoo for a long while till it got very, very strange and couldn't load addresses and more. Tried Gmail till friends told me that the words come thru but no pictures .... ? What happened to "reliability" and just doing what you said you were going to do? Going to Zoho .... till they change.
—Guest JC Tartan

Gmail? Yahoo!?

I have been using Gmail for a few years now. I think it's the most secure although someone got into mine… through my phone unfortunately. Now I am afraid to use a cell phone as access to a computer. The thing about Gmail is I also want an email that doesn't show my name but can't seem to get… nor with Yahoo. Am trying to get a different gmail acct since mine has been compromised with who knows who but can't w/ Google. Some of these political groups can get pretty nasty if you don't swing their way… & my swing is in the middle…
—Guest honeybeez

They All Suck

I think the Zoho is the best so far if you want simplicity mixed with a spoonful of care from the providers. Left hotmail, yahoo, gmail, gmx all in disgust - mainly spam…
—Guest Mcdouchio

Gmail invasive & now so is Yahoo

Gmail will go so far into your email as to reading the titles of your pix, if that is all you are sent. Want to have fun? Write a fake email and include large, odd and unrelated words. Then read the ads gmail plants on your email. That will make a believer out of you. And Yahoo, just today, stated they are going to "upgrade" to some beta program and will read your mail to sell ads and make bukoo bucks off your privacy. Try the fake email with them too. Seeing is believing. Sam
—Guest Sam Am

Mail.com? Be Warned!

This comment refers to Mail.com. A while ago a had a paid account with them. Mail.com is technically incompetent and also morally bankrupt. They ignored my request to return 14 months unused subscription after I could no longer use their services due to THEIR problems which they were unable to fix in over 10 days.
—Guest Peter Williams

Yahoo!; the best by far

I have been using Yahoo! for more than 7 years and have always found it to be so much better than Hotmail. Haven't really been too fussed about Gmail; I wouldn't switch.
—Guest Connor


Used it since its beginning when you had to be invited to use it, liked it very well. It was the best I could find for sending and viewing embedded pics, although I wish they'd have allowed folders for sorting. Never was crazy about just the labeling thing. Last fall they decided to "improve" it (words I have SO come to hate — it seems "new & improved" so rarely is). It no longer works with my dial up—it says not compatible browser, but I have IE8, Chrome & Mozilla Firefox, and then found out it is really that they no long offer any rich text with dial up but they "want you to still have email, so offer you html" Well, if they were at all concerned about long-time users, why didn't they just keep a version of the old email going. While we are on Google subject, I am not that impressed with Chrome except for playing one game on FB—it and Firefox do pretty well for that while IE doesn't work well with FB. I am now looking for a replacement for Gmail, want to chuck it.
—Guest Majb

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