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Readers Respond: Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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Yahoo Mail and Gmail

Both systems work well enough for the cost (free). I don't really like the new Yahoo Java-based email+chat system. One thing in particular I dislike is that it won't allow me to save a chat session as a text file. The older version did that easily. The only negative I have about Gmail is that it takes too long to load their java client during login — otherwise, Gmail has some really nice message searching & organizing features compared to Yahoo mail.
—Guest puter_dood


I would recommend eCrypt.me. It also serves as a secure online data storage. It is a web-based software-as-a-service which means you can access your files anytime and anywhere internet is available! It uses one way encryption, no backdoors to ensure safety and security of your account. It's great and worth checking out!
—Guest gina

Gmail: Can't We Sue Them?

I have been using Gmail for some years; today, they asked for my birthdate and did not let me in. Why do they want for my birthdate? To sell the info to marketers? I do not want to give them personal info. So, I wrote a random date. It was less than 13 years, and they blocked my account. I am not going to pay them even 1 cent. All I want is to access the account one more time to switch my contacts. Can we not sue the company for bad practice and taking advantage of their strong thesis [basis?] in the market? Please, let's a lawyer check this. I'm fed up with such practices of these companies. Thank you. Miltos
—Guest Miltos

Yahoo user for years

New Yahoo stinks. I can only type 3 lines on email before it shuts me down. I'm looking for another server.
—Guest Julie Ledbetter

Yahoo sucks, Gmail even worse

I had Ya-screw for years; as others have said, they finally "fixed" it into sewage. Tried to get Gmail despite all the warnings ... and those info-nazis want my phone number! Who ever heard of having give over your phone number to open a "free" email account? To hell with them. God, the internet used to be so cool.
—Guest xxxx

I use Radio.FM

I have had some unpredictable cutoffs, but also welcome restorations. Inbox.com apparently didn't have the bandwidth to handle my attachments, so I switched.

Mail.com nightmare

I opened a Mail.com account, only to be locked out of it instantly! It's a joke from the word 'go'. Have been using Gmail for years and wanted to try something different. So much for that.
—Guest Gabrielle

Switching to Inbox.com from Hotmail

I've been using Hotmail but have been receiving a fair amount of spam, so I am going to switch to Inbox.com.
—Guest Todd Lee Hemmes

G-mail is Not 4 Me

G-mail sucks really bad. If u forget your password, there is no number to call. They hide in California, giggling because u bought their line of crap. Free service my u know #*#!!! bull. They try to charge u to get a recovery, then want your phone number when they seem to be unable to provide one to you! To top that, they have no help desk or chat box to speak to anyone about the issue you got! BYE
—Guest Visconti

Gmail is too intrusive and dictatorial

Had G mail for 2 years, took it to be independent of my ISP, It has been OK until to-day, when it wanted my birthdate and would not let me in until I gave it. The address is in my company name, so I gave my company birthdate, which was less than 13 years, so then it locked me out and said it would destroy my account in 29 days. I have now given my own birthdate and paid $0.30 to be reinstated. Looking for another supplier, this G mail is too intrusive and dictatorial.
—Guest Doug

Yahoo, VFEmail - different uses

VFEmail.net is the best I have had — one paid and several free accounts; Yahoo is mainly for Yahoo Groups. Gmail always makes me nervous and has been hardly used for years. GMX has done well for me, but only POP it. But I don't want to store online, so that doesn't attract me.
—Guest joe

Gmail, Hotmail

I was currently using Yahoo Mail, it's changed must but I didn't like it. My first webmail used was Hotmail. And then it became Gmail, when I first saw it, it was pretty good to use. I was addicted, Yahoo worth a piece of that.
—Guest McAami

Yahoo: A Mess. Gmail: Horrible.

Agree with everyone who says all the "new and improved's" Yahoo has given us over the years absolutely SUCK! They originally gave a simple and good service. Now they're a complete mess. Google is also horrible, so no help there. What's up with giving us a SIMPLE TO USE product as long as you're offering it for free?
—Guest nmbourne

There goes Yahoo

Went to Yahoo when I knew that I was going to lose my ISP email. Picked Yahoo because friend used it. Horrible, but friend told [me] how to change to Classic Yahoo. My email: less than 4 a month. Ads as email: over 200 a day. Yahoo going to force [me] out of Classic and get worse. Read all 448 (now) entries on this site to try to find something else. Time is from your/mine life and is not free. Got to try something.
—Guest PaulE

Gmail is the Greatest

With a Gmail-account with practically no limits in space and functionality, you will easily connect to all the other extremely useful services like Google Docs, Calendar, Sites, Blogs, Photo/Images by just mentioning a few. The worst thing a lot of people do — is using their email-account at work for private messages, which makes it hard to change work… The same problem applies to using the "free accounts" connected to the network providers at home, which makes it hard to switch to another.
—Guest Kjell Arne

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Which Free Email Service Do You Use? Why?

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