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Readers Respond: What Email Etiquette Hint Do You Wish Others Would Follow?

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No Contact Info

Especially in business, emails should always contain a signature with relevant contact info. I hate having to google a company to get a phone number, or wait to hear back when I needed to call.
—Guest ErnieS

Spurious invites to networking groups

The most bothersome are those invites to join networking groups sent in the names of friends, who are not even aware it.
—Guest sumati

Using All-Caps Instead of Writing

I hate using all capital letters so the writer doesn't have to uh, write correctly. It was said to be rude back in the chatroom days and it still is. Plus people who can't capitalize even their own names bother me.
—Guest nightwryter

Too many typos and no punctuation

I think proofreading. I try to do this, too. Too many typos and no punctuation can lead to chaos. I was once an English teacher. I see errors even if I'm not looking. It's a curse. Also, people's forwarding things on with no discretion is very annoying. If I wanted every cute, saccharine thing out there, I would subscribe.

Political dribble

Pet peeves are political dribble and racist "jokes".
—Guest rphyland01

"Must Read" BS

There is some chain email which has not withered with time. Most are political in nature and only the names have been changed to condemn the innocent. More times than not the information is BS, and I don't hesitate to not only check Snopes, but to send back the link disproving the BS. I'm certain that my doing so peeves the senders, but I simply do not care. The Internet should make people smarter, not contribute to ignorance.

Exclamations and CAPITALIZATION

Some people do not realize (still) that using lots of punctuation can turn the tone of an sour!!!! Don't they realize how are perceived???!!! IT'S TERRIBLE!
—Guest Julieann

Embedded Viruses

Many of these chain emails are originated by malicious sublife and by forwarding these, many people are inadvertently spreading the malware.


I hate getting forwards where you have to open 15 other emails to see what was forwarded. After 3, I just delete the message all together.
—Guest Connie

Not cleaning up

Not cleaning up the page of the e-mail sent to you. Viruses are on those other names.
—Guest boobeek99@hotmail.com

Group Mailings

A sister-in-law sends her messages to everyone on her contacts list... the same message to all. About how everyone is doing etc., what's coming up in the future. I stopped emailing her back since I don't feel that requires a personal response. Of course she is offended and thinks she is mistreated. Tough cookies.
—Guest georgia

Strings of responses

I really have had problems with a few people who have a habit of forwarding me other people's responses that I would find interesting but never erase the string of conversations that preceded it. I have been offended and hurt several times where I would scroll down to read responses and comment after comment only to find out the person mentioned hurtful gossip. "I really hate the jewelry she makes. I just said I liked it so I wouldn't hurt her feelings. These conversation strings have hurt myself and others so badly.

Clean-up & Urban legends

Allowing e-mail to be duplicated and tripled because senders don't "clean" them up. Also, sending the latest "alerts" without verifying on About or Snopes.
—Guest ryaner35

[Unverified] Info

I am so tired of reading emails full of falsehoods simply because the sender did not take the time to properly research the email. If these were school-age children, that would be one thing, but in many cases they are college-educated adults! Google outrageous allegations and also check them out on snopes.com.
—Guest Monica

Clean it UP!

When I get an email, that has been forwarded several times, without anyone cleaning it up! Scrolling the day away to get to a 4 line joke is maddening.
—Guest Stacey

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