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New Yahoo! Mail a Sad Excuse for an Email System

Reader Reviews: Yahoo! Mail - Free Email Service

User Rating 1 Star Rating

By mickeyobeart

Yahoo! Mail

Date of use: 

March 16, 2012

My Review 

My Yahoo Classic has unilaterally been switched to Yahoo New which is a sad excuse for an email system.

It is poorly designed and far, far from complete. It should not have been presented to the public in its present disgraceful state.

It has little black boxes on which to click for the various services but many of them are blank and only show its purpose when the cursor is moved over it.

It is extraordinarily slow in loading attachments, usually taking 3 to 6 or more minutes.

Its Spam does not "learn" and will present the same messages hundreds of times.

It will pass letters in cyrillic, oriental, Grecian, Arabic, Spanish and other alphabets and languages and there is no way to correct it.

It will allow obscene letters and advertising which contain key words that should enable the user to have such mail rejected.

A large portion of the screen is blank. The blank area can be removed with a click but reappears on the very next click.

The Click to remove items in the Spam box may or often may not work.

New letters are supposed to appear in bold face type until read. They usually appear in light face. If it does show in BF it will usually switch to LF before being read.

The mighty internet monopolistic empire Rogers has adopted Yahoo. But complaining to Rogers is useless.

Complaining to Yahoo is just as futile.

I would definitely discourage anyone from using Yahoo.

It is bad. A one star rating is far too high for Yahoo.

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