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Every Yahoo! Mail "Upgrade" Makes Things Worse

Reader Reviews: Yahoo! Mail - Free Email Service

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By Rob

Yahoo! Mail

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I have been using Yahoo mail for the last 10 years, and I am now finally fed up with having to constantly deal with their stupidity. They are always changing things; and every time they "upgrade", things get worse.

Right now, in order for me to sign into my mail accounts I must click refresh and then log in. To log out I must go to the home page because the log out button on the mail page doesn't work. I also have to deal with a yahoo page that is trying to force me to change over to their "new and improved" mail system which ultimately means that they have further increased the number of problems exponentially.

This is but one of the endless small problems with Yahoo. The list of screw-ups goes on and on. Absolutely inconvenient. I have enough stress in life to have to contend with this incompetent BS.

I have learned to absolutely hate Yahoo and after years of complaining to them about their screwed up website, I realize that they simply don't care to hear what any of us have to say about it.

Today I will set up new e-mail accounts… anywhere but Yahoo.

Try this on for size… Try to contact Yahoo about anything—you will only get an automated response and you will never, ever be in contact with a real person… guaranteed.

Yahoo is by far the worst e-mail service (dis-service) I have ever encountered.

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