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Reader Reviews : Yahoo! Mail - Free Email Service

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (250 Reviews)


Find users' reviews of the Yahoo! Mail free email service here and share your experience, too.

(You can also check archived user reviews up to and including August 2011.)

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Better Blocking Needed

I've had a gutsful of yahoo, they are unfair to cyber victims of stalkers i've been constantly getting bombarded for the past two years six months i've tried EVERYTHING but, i have to keep my e mails…More

Virtually Unusable after Change

yahoo did a massive change in about FEb 2014 and its virtually unusable now 4-14. About 50% of the former features now do not work at all or are difficult. can't send attachment or pics. After subjec…More

Addressing Emails Brings up List of Random Contacts

Yahoo mail used to be great but has gone to hell since mirosoft bought them, Not surprising. My main problem is when putting in email addresses i used to type the first letter and a list of MY contac…More

Has Taken a Huge Dive

Yahoo used to be a great email provider but for last serveral months has taken a huge dive!! NOTHING WORKS and finding a contact for customer service is literally impossible. After reading all the ne…More

Disgusted with the New Yahoo

Why to companies insist on changing things that work just fine? I am totally disgusted with the new Yahoo, which used to be very simple and straight forward. Now it combines all your emails into one-…More

No Customer Support

NO customer service and difficult to even email support. Email servers get hacked again and again and they offer little to help.Phone contact is nil and is an insult to me as I pay for the premium em…More

Lots of Changes

I have been using yahoo mail for the past couple of years, and have been satisfied with the performance, util they started changing the formats on the Yahoo mail. there has been alot of changes in th…More

Used to Be Easy and Simple, but Now…

No would not recommend to anyone. Use to be easy and simple for a guy like me who does not know much about computers to use e-mail but now, with your new e-mail......you don't tell how to do things e…More

The Worst Email Service

This is literally the worst mail service. You'd be better off sending messages via carrier pigeon. They constantly doing extra when all I want to do is check my mail. Something that should be a 1 min…More

Very Bad Customer Service

I tried to call yahoo customer service for the past 3 hours. Not even a single person picked up the phone call. Yahoo sucks. Very bad customer service and doesnt care about their customers and client…More

Make You Change Your Password Again and Again

I will never suggest people to use Yahoo mail. It is always stilled and scammed. the make you change your password again and again and until you can never remember you password. every time when you w…More

Account Locked for No Discernible Reason

We've been using Yahoo email for about 15 years and it worked great until about 6 months ago. Now it is the worst service I have ever used. Account was locked for no discernible reason (have not seen…More

Cannot Use Rich-Text Formatting Any More

I cannot use Rich Text formatting any more. I have looked under options tab but do not have anything under 'general' that allows me to make sure formatting will work. It is only recently this has hap…More

New Yahoo! Mail Stinks

The NEW Yahoo stinks! For instance when composing you now have to type in the email address as it no longer pops up as it used to, thus creating more wasted time! The new attach file feature is also …More

Has Become a Nightmare of a Bad Experience

Yahoo mail has become a nightmare of a bad experience! I opened one bold subject email 3 times, and it still comes back as unread!!...and all the to's and from's that are showing up in the 'inbox'...…More

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