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Reader Reviews : Yahoo! Mail - Free Email Service

User Rating 1.5 Star Rating (80 Reviews)


Find users' reviews of the Yahoo! Mail free email service here and share your experience, too.

(You can also check archived user reviews up to and including August 2011.)

They Tried to Make It More Like Gmail—A Big Mistake

Another long tome user that hates the new Yahoo mail. They've tried to make it more like gmail. A big mistake- gmail was always worse to begin with. To make matters worse, I'm getting more spam from …More

Terrible Upgrade

Every time they do an upgrade - I think "why, it was fine", and I go along anyway. Well this time, it's TERRIBLE.Their "conversations" make it horrible to find and follow emails,If I want to update t…More

Absolute Rubbish

This new Email client is absolute rubbish.I delete by mistake when highlighting to move Emails because the bin is in the bar.To print, I had to Google it as I couldn't print just the Email.Crazy, stu…More

Something Simple Made Difficult

Good Grief, people! Once again Yahoo has taken something simple and made it too darn difficult to use in a timely manner!! Thanks for nothing!! The BCC function - or rather trying to access it - has …More

Hate "Me" in the Name Field

I so agree! Dear YAHOO - I HATE "ME" IN THE NAME FIELD!!!! It makes it so very confusing! I also hate getting messages that I need to try again later. You make changes that are supposed to be better …More

Can't Get It to Send Consistently

I've used yahoo email for about 15 years. I'm finally fed up. Can't get it to send messages consistently. I click the send button and nothing. Happens on any computer, any browser. Probably one of ma…More


I used to think Yahoo was pretty good, but now they've introduced their own spam text messages that you simply can't delete or move. Their other forms of obtrusive advertising have become a bit much …More

Buggy, Slow, Awkward and Frustrating

Lets just make it clear from the start. YAHOO MAIL SERVICE SUCKS. At one time this was not the case. But over the last few years Yahoo has become more and more buggy (especially attaching files) and …More

Hard to Check Past Emails (Sender "Me")

Now that they have changed to a new format, it is VERY confusing trying to know who sent e-mails after you respond back because the sender then changes to "Me" On Sent e-mails it is even worse becaus…More

Annoying Awful

The new yahoo email format is ANNOYINGLY AWFUL!!! If I could give it less that one star, I would. Every time yahoo decides they need to change their email format, the new version seems to SUCK. It is…More

Every Time Yahoo Updates, It Gets More Difficult to Use

Worst e-mail provider ever. Every time Yahoo upgrades or updates or whatever the h.... they do, it gets more difficult to use. Can't stand it. Hate the way it looks. Give us the option of using the o…More

Yahoo's Mail Was Working Well Until This New Version

Yahoo's mail was working well until I was switched to this new version. Now, I cannot have several emails open at once in tabs (I've tried the solution you all suggest and it hasn't worked). I have s…More

Can't Receive Email from Several Personal Sites

you guys suck~~I cant open emails from certain sites without email errors that should be opened with no problems. Ever since you changed security status a couple months ago, I, can't receive emails f…More

Cannot Delete Items in Trash

This new Yahoo upgrade is really bad. Cannot delete the trash contents. I have deleted some items 4 or 5 times over the last 3 days. Why do they push this stuff on us when it's not ready for use? Bad…More

Yahoo Has Too Many Problems

Yahoo has too many problems. Yesterday they MADE ME change my password. Now when I log into my e-mail I can't open anything. It's all frozen. And now they want me to PAY one of their people to fix it…More

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