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Cannot Sign in to GMX Mail

Reader Reviews: Mail.com and GMX Mail - Free Email Services

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By Wynnadell Grundy

GMX Mail

Date of use: 

Feb 9-10, 2012

My Review 

I signed up with GMX email service yesterday; very pleased to find them. Spent the day adding the names, etc. for my email contacts. This morning I had planned to notify my email contacts of my new address and start using this fine service. However, I have not been able to sign onto my account with GMX. I have tried to sign in from about 7am to 6 pm but am constantly told my email or my password were not correct. I even copied my email address from one of their answers and placed GMX's email address for me in the sign in space — and GMX told me it was not correct. To say the least, I am not happy with their service.

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