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IncrediMail 2.5 - Free Email Program

User Rating 1.5 out of 5
1 out of 5 1 out of 5
April 15, 2013 By RickTallman1
I have used this e-mail program for a number of years through several releases (including 2.5). Over the years I have had numerous problems with it, most of them related to saving and restoring my e-mail. If you ever need to reinstall it, there will be no easy way to restore your saved e-mail.
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2 out of 5 2 out of 5
Good program lousy supportFebruary 04, 2013 By RSutliffe
I have used Incredimail for over 5 years and was happy with it overall until they came out with an update and lost all my saved emails, photos, and contacts. The support is very poor and you can expect a 2-4 day delay in getting an answer and most of the time its a canned response. They will not call you if you ask and the support comes from who knows where.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Worst win 7 programJanuary 18, 2013 By docjohn3
worked good on win XP but now I have win 7 crashes several times a day Cant type text in program without it erasing some of them. support is worth less in fixing the problems don't buy if you have win 7
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Now charging for supportOctober 25, 2012 By perkypaula
I have been using Incredimail - full paid version - for about 5 years and loved the animations, characters, cards, songs, etc. However, even though I am supposed to be a ""VIP"" member, they are now charging $38.00 every time I have a question or problem. I was warned over a year ago by an IT professional to get rid of the program, because that was what was slowing down my computer and causing it to crash. In spite of that I still have it, but I am doing everything I can to get my contacts and messages moved to another program so I can delete (I hope) Incredimail entirely - even though I paid for a lifetime membership. But that is still cheaper than another new computer.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
IncredimailJuly 18, 2012 By Albertc54
I have used incredimail for years with no problem until I got windows 7 it has been nothing but trouble since I installed it on windows 7, I am thinking about getting another program if they don't send some fixes for it.
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
Never a problemJuly 15, 2012 By eatdrums
I've seen so many bad reveiws on this and some other sites. I've been using Incredimail for my business for 4 years now. When you upgrade it, it will reset your homepage, but, here's an idea...set it back! It has never crashed my computer, planted malware, spyware, or viruses on my computer. My clients make comments about how they enjoy my e mails, as they are custom made just for them. Security, filters, and spam blockers work well, and my computer has never slowed down. I downloaded it from their site, not from CNet. Maybe that makes a difference. Love this program for fun e mailing. It's not going to kill your computer.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Incredimail's Dark SecretJune 27, 2012 By GrumpyConsumer
Incredimail induces users with it's cute little animations and email notifiers but what they don't make you aware of is that installing the free OR PAID version loads malware onto your computer that hijacks your internet browser. Installing updates will load the malware. On install, they allow you to opt out of having the malware installed on your computer- AND THEN IT INSTALLS IT REGARDLESS OF WHAT YOU CHOSE. I have been seeking a solution to rid my computer of the virus for months and nothing has worked. (I am not a computer genius, but I do web design and such- no not a complete moron either) Use anything else- if they are hijacking your browser, what else are they doing?
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
The best one but ...May 25, 2012 By drgdiaz
Briefly: ? I am using paid versions with extras, on different computers (netbooks, laptops, desktops, work stations) many years ago. It is a great email client for windows 32 and 64 bits but with important shortcomings. ? Excellent for personal use but poor for business. Limited free version. ? It lacks of many features that old email clients like Eudora had. ? The more resources, the better: It works great on a machine like this: i7-2760QM CPU 2.40GHz 2.40 Ghz, 16.0 GB running WIN7 Pro 64 Bits, a little a slower on a i5, 4 GB with the same load running Win7 PRO 32 Bits; I could not see any important difference when running it on the last PC with win XP Pro 32 Bits. I always run several applications simultaneously and tried it on other laptops, desktops and work stations with similar results. I would not recommend installing it on a netbook Pros: 1. Plenty of fancy features not surpassed yet, including letters, ecards, animations, notifiers even for free versions 2. Excellent custom rules 3. Signatures (canned responses) 4. It works well with hotmail and pop accounts 5. Excellent email support for paid versions but a little slow 1- 2 business days 6. Great HTML support 7. Great editing features 8. Support for several languages including check spelling .You can easily shift from English, German, Spanish, etc. 9. Free versions Cons: 1. Main defect: You cannot set a default responding address for any account (or accounts). That is really a big problem if you use it for business and have different email addresses. As you may know the does not hide your original address. 2. Useless (and paid) spam blocker (refunds work :) ) 3. Custom rules cannot be sorted 4. Signatures cannot be sorted 5. Signatures are not always correctly pasted 6. Limited IMAP 7. Redirection is not available 8. Temporary display problems when running on win 7 64 bits. It works well on win7 32 bits and win XP 9. Requires a lot of resources 10. All upgrades, even for paid versions, try to change your browser home page and connect it with fb
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2 out of 5 2 out of 5
Fun system but will cause so many problems!April 26, 2012 By karen10014
I had incrediMail years ago and enjoyed it until I upgraded to the ultra package (paid for). That's when I started having all kinds of problems, including entire files just disappearing from my email accounts, unable to retrieve mail, unable to send mail, my computer locking up, system crashing. I use this for business so I was very upset about this. I tried to get help from the company, but they were no help. I asked if I could just go back to the old system and was told no, once you download the upgrade, you can't go back. I ended up removing (or trying to remove) it from my system and started using outlook, which worked fine, just didn't have all the fun extras. However, you never really get rid of incredimail.. From time to time options having to do with it will pop up on your computer. A couple of years down the road, I got a laptop. I decided to download the free version of IncrediMail since I didn't have problems with the free version on my desktop, it was just the ""upgraded"" paid version that had all the problems. It's been about a year and I've finally said enough all ready. The incredimail system itself crashes continually, it locks up my computer on a regular basis, when I try to work on my website or a photo program, it seems to ""fight"" with them. I've also had some system shut downs, which seem to coincide with incredimail having a problem..It takes forever for the incredimail system to ""get going"" when I log on in the morning and usually locks everything on my computer up while it organizes itself... I'm kicking myself for being so stupid as to download it on my laptop. There also seems to be a problem with it for the receiver if they're retrieving emails via smart phones, blackberry's, etc. My daughter asked me if I'm using incredimail by any chance because my emails come over on her phone all screwed up and hard to read.. As of this morning, I've gone back to Outlook and once I can figure out a way to save the emails in my incredimail files I need to save, I'll be removing incredimail from my laptop.. It's unfortunate this program has so many problems because it really is a cute program with a lot of options. I love the emoticans and a lot of the features, but don't like the problems it creates for my computer.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
IncrediMailApril 17, 2012 By vesna44
When I first downloaded this program it was OK. Actually, all the features are fun: piles of funny letters, possibility to create a personalised letters, notifiers, etc. Upgrading to IncrediMail 2 started the problems. Flash often crushed, computer was slow, features did not worked properly even after the computer service. What I hated the most was changing the home page in my browser when downloading upgrades. It did it anyway, even after marking the box in pop up window not to do this. Of course, if you want more features, you have to pay for them. And, I am not sure if it will work properly. Even though it has lots of funny features, I choose to removed it from my computer. The proper functionality of my computer is more relevant to me.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Incredimail2 Rubbish!March 28, 2012 By ellarose1234
Incredimail 2 has crashed my PC. Corrupted my files,lost my address book. I have spent over a week trying, with a technician,paid for, to get myself back to somesort of normality. To get help you first of all have to ask some evil looking monster who then answers you in Spanish or German...I'm E nglish. Eventually you get a print out of what to do...doesn't work! If you want to get rid of the stupid animations on the bottom of business leters you have to pay more to upgrade! Don't ever expect to get hold of someone to speak to. I am sick of it and have deleted it...but of course you never get rid of it..it's still lurking. Believe me nothing is for nothing and you will regret downloading it. I paid for mine years ago and now they demand more money for changing it and adding their adverts. If you don't want high blood pressure don't go near Incredimail2.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
IncrediJunkMarch 10, 2012 By WoodyChain
I have put up with this program now since it first came out. I downloaded it and purchased the deluxe version for my business as it made it easy to make my e-mails look professional. As time moved on they added more features, it is geared towards folks like kids and Grandmas, not business people. It is always wanting to update, each time it becomes more unstable. Now the program has become so unstable it is always crashing. If your not careful when it does the update and click the optional install, it will take over your computer and reset your homepage on you and connect your Facebook with your e-mail. Why these companies think they have the right to do this is beyond me. It is like you have to constantly pay attention to what it is doing. I run heavy security on my laptop and most programs seem to have a problem with it for some reason. Their Junk Filter works well if you pay for it, when you don't, it seems you cant get rid of the junk mail, why, I suspect it is coming off the Incrediamail server...... So I am deleting the program, big job when you have thousands of e-mails and tons of files I have accumulated over the years. My advice, stay clear if your a professional. Good program for kids and grandma, other than that, don't waist your time, or you find yourself pulling your hair out as the program continually crashes.
9 of 9 people found this review helpful.
1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Be very careful ---January 14, 2012 By comaxine
Like many others that have written reviews on Incredimail, heed the warnings. I have used Incredimail for sometime I thought I was happy with the program, but when I needed to backup the incredimail folders so that I could upgrade my computer, every backup failed. As a 2nd option I thought, I would copy the folder over into Outlook Express so that I at least have a duplicate of my emails (and I have thousands of them, many for work purposes), well, not so fast - you can not get Incredimail to import into another mail server. I tried contacting support which was a complete joke. I also referred to the About.com page on exporting files from Incredimail but the programs referred to in the About.com article are no longer available to download --- so unfortunately that wasn't an option either. So now I'm stuck...When I figured I was screwed and had to install Incredimail again, with the new version you must agree to use their mystart homepages and search engines --- I'm not going to do this, I feel I'm held hostage by this company. I will start using a new email program and hopefully, I won't have to refer to the old emails I have in incredimail. A single email program will not be able to control me!
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3 out of 5 3 out of 5
Sad About IM 2 Not As Good As The OldJanuary 03, 2012 By MelaRose
I have been with IM since day 1. I have had it one each computer I owned and used it and loved it...I didn't have any problems with it until...I had to upgrade to this computer windows 7 and also IM 2..OMGoodness All of the things I had from years were now called ""Corrupt"" all the music, pictures, emotions I couldn't inport nothing...I had belonged to some awesome groups for my letters and now I couldn't use anything! Also like someone said .. so many of the things went to gold only I had gold,yet it ran out.. I have all the licenses for everything else .. yet I can't use what I loved the most about the old IM.. the letters the music...I just wish if a company is going to upgrade or fix things do it so that people can still use what they have .. not so that you lose what you loved so much about the program to begin with. Make IM so we will call it awesome once again.. thats what we want...we want what we paid for and we want to be able to use it ... Thank You.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Crashes & freezesDecember 24, 2011 By kajen906
I have had the premium version for years and it worked well in Windows XP. However, Incredimail 2 is unstable in Windows 7. Cut and paste will crash the program. Often it freezes and must be closed from the task manager. I have been back and forth with tech support for months and they give me the same advice. Download and install a full new version. That only helps for a few days and it is back to it's instabilty. It is time to move on as this is not being fixed
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Incoming and Outgoing mailNovember 15, 2011 By wwilliamdrafts62
I have been using Incredimail for about a week and I still have problems with Incredimail. I keep getting a error.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Basic Failings of Incredimail.November 09, 2011 By LesHammond
I have just finished reading the previous reviews which has prompted this post. I also have used Incredimail for years and was very happy with it. I paid for a lifetime Premium VIP support license. That does seem to work. I also get extremely annoyed at their trying to change my default Home Page to MyStart. It's a waste of my time and they have never received my permission to do so. I read in one of the reviews that you cannot encrypt the emails you send. Strange seeing Incredimail is an Israeli company. But I have been experiencing three really basic problems and am ready to switch out to Outlook. Problem 1: There is no basic instruction manual for new users. My wife wants me to create one for her. Problem 2: You cannot print out just a straight forward line-by-line list of your contacts names and email addresses Problem 3: You cannot take an Incredimail folder (of which I have literally hundreds) you no longer actively use and move it out of Incredimail and into a My Documents folder on your hard drive. I need to save emails for possible future reference so as things stand I currently have this massive, bloated email program that takes forever to load and regenerate itself. And their HELP section - a joke. And their SUPPORT section - useless. BUT I still prefer the program. Hopefully they will start to change. I cannot recommend this program to anyone at this time however.
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
..It definitely will take over the Microsoft I.E.October 02, 2011 By Critique2
On an ongoing basis this program will keep on attempting to change the defaults that you've already elected to keep in I.E. despite even still when after you have NOT selected I.M.'s ""recommendation."" Otherwise this, perhaps, might be your only possible choice to choose the ""Advance"" installation. Otherwise I.M. will immediately assume all responsiblity to usher in their very own products, thus in turn ""automatically"" change your I.E. defaults back to ""theirs."" When installing the program, one must always keep in mind NEVER again to accept Incredimail's recommendations! From here on in to keep on using I.M. one must continuously be on the look out for MicroSoft pop-ups (IncrediMail), cleverly disguised with words like: "" do you want to make this program your default?"" I've discovered a program out there (Advanced System Care 4, maybe amongst others) that removes these disgusting ever prevailing MicroSoft pop-up's that keep requiring a YES or NO answer, rather than being replaced with a substitute message, upon a system reboot stating ""A program has been stopped trying to change your I.E. ""defaults."" Than you absolutely know for sure, beyond a shadow of doubt, I.M. has been stopped dead in it's tracks and you can go on using Incredimail as usual without any ill effects!
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3 out of 5 3 out of 5
Makes mail look great - Spam filter useless junkSeptember 29, 2011 By jonnieb57
I have been using the program for a long time. I enjoy the wonderful look of my mails - very easy to get creative and attractive emails out to people. To really have fun, you need to pay for things here. Then the letter creator and all of the tools let your imagination run relatively wild. Fine letterheads are easy to make. You can even implant photos on a per email basis very quickly. The only complaint that I have is their spam filter. This is an absolutely useless piece of junk. It does not learn - the same stuff comes through again and again. So do NOT use or count on this.
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
EmailMay 03, 2011 By zakirjr
Its nice and hope you will do much better in future. We wish your sucess in every stage.... Keep it up All the best.. Regards, zakirjr
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Incredimnail 2 No GoodApril 08, 2011 By pemietraders
I had Incredimail XE, I LOVED it. It was fun and colorful. I upgraded to IM2, didn't like the looks anymore, couldn't import my data and lost it all. I uninstalled IM 2, reinstalled an old XE .exe file, now it crashes all the time. Support it helpful but it doesn't work. Like VISTA it's a bad deal. Sorry.
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2 out of 5 2 out of 5
Major crash problemMarch 19, 2011 By jaywite
I have used Incredimail XE for a number of years with great success. Some months ago I upgraded to Incredimail 2. Since this upgrade, I have experienced this program crashing on a daily basis. I have been in constant contact with the programs support team, and as of this review, no one seems to be able to fix the problem. I've even taken pictures of the error messages and provided those to the support team. So far, they haven't been able to come up with a solution. I decided that I would go back to Incredimail XE, but the support techs said they no longer support that program. So for the moment, I'm stuck.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Not even going to try this oneFebruary 05, 2011 By rdbanta
Other reviewers noted that it hijacks your home page and loads your computer up with a lot of s___ that you don't want or need. Don't even mess with it.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Incredimail is no more than a trojanNovember 11, 2010 By msw100
Incredimail is no more than a trojan,not only does it hijack your home page but also installs loads of other crapp on you system which you have not agreeded to have installed. Avoid the software,unless you what to keep reseting your home page and removing all the other crapp that it downloads and installs
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
IncredimailSeptember 25, 2010 By awesme1
I have had Incredimail for about 6 years now. I didn't care for the FREE version so I upgraded to the premium version. I also purchased the Junk Mail Protector. I have never had any issues with Incredimail XE. I would highly recommend it to anyone who likes to be creative with their e-mails. Even when I bought a new laptop all I had to do was download the program and use the codes I received when I originally bought it. Their customer service is outstanding as well.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Makes you look like an ignoramusApril 21, 2010 By expats3417
Incredimail adds animated ads to the bottom of each and every message you send, bloating the size of messages unnecessarily and making you look like a dork to the recipient. Maybe YOU can't see the ads when you send it but THEY can when they receive it! Thinking of sending a job inquiry and resume out by Incredimail? Save yourself the trouble. It will either get automatically flagged as spam and dumped, or will go to the trash as spam or a crank message as soon as it's opened by a person. It's become so loathsome to me that I now redirect certain Incredimail senders to no-storage-limit free email accounts that I check every few weeks if I'm in the mood to keep my main email clear of clutter for serious business and personal messages. One can only take so many swinging, gray monkeys, fluttering butterflies, and nauseatingly cute, big-eyed, teddy-bear-hugging tot animations.
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2 out of 5 2 out of 5
No longer what it use to beFebruary 04, 2010 By goggydon
I have been using Incredimail for many years and had I been writing a review a few years back it would have earned five stars. However times have changed their support is abysmal, sending error reports of which I have many since upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 falls on deaf ears; there is just no response whatsoever. I though perhaps I should upgrade to Incredimail 2 but their website advises that I cannot upgrade from Incerdimail Xe to Incredimail 2. Trying to get a viable response from their support is just a waste of time. I can no longer recommend this program, what was a great email program is no more.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Used To Be Fun, Now It is All Nickel and Dime 24/7January 29, 2010 By nick90
This was a great e-mail program. I used it for three years. I did not mind spending $50 for the Incredimail / Letter Creator package after using it for just a few days. I quickly found out that the letter creator was too simplistic to create anything beyond a simple pattern. Stay away from that if you can. Despite that, it was great - everyday they added more beautiful stationery, skins to change the appearance of the program, notifiers (flash animations to let you know you have mail) - anything from a sleepy cat to a butler. Also lots of new animations and smileys. All this came with the price of the program. I am pretty sure people using the free version could download as much of this as possible, too, although I might be wrong. One morning I was looking for my favorite stationery. It was removed from my selections that appeared next to the compose box. Weird, I thought. I went to the gallery and much to my surprise, without any warning, they started the brand new GOLD gallery, and the less exciting regular gallery. Amazing how so many of my stationery I had amassed from the gallery were now on the Gold side, along with skins, notifiers, animations, everything and unless I forked over a substantial amount of money, I would be stuck with the bottom of the barrel. I got to thinking one day...what happens at the end of the year of my subscription to the gold gallery? I wrote and asked. Ha! What I suspected was true. They remove all of your gold goodies unless you pay up for another year. No warning of that when you sign up for the Gold Gallery for some reason. I decided to go back to a less-fun but not greedy mail program. I also complained to management that they should tell people that when the year is up and you don't want to or can't afford to re-subscribe they were going to remove everything that you had downloaded that happened to be GOLD that they should warn people. There was nothing to reflect this policy anywhere. Instead, they came up with a $59 for a lifetime GOLD subscription. Next came the spam catcher that used to be free. They wanted $29.00 a year for that now. Want extra special animations? Get a pack or two for just $9.95 each...even if you have a $59 lifetime Gold Gallery subscription. I guess these new ""packs"" were even too special to be in the Gold Gallery. I wonder if they get lifted back in the middle of the night after a year, too? What started out as a nice program that was different with all the stationery and extras had turned into a greedy monster that had its hand out every time you turned around. The latest version I heard was upgraded and everyone had a dandy new XE 2.0 version some morning whether they wanted it or not. With no real improvements most people eqwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Most of the gallery stuff people had paid to amass was no longer compatible. The skins to dress up the program were mostly gone, leaving a few new ones that were just different colors. Nothing really creative like nature skin, the beach skin, etc. They are the most greedy company I have ever come across on the Internet. In fact, I think they have everyone beat by a long shot. So they are charging $30 a year for the once-free spam filters (and most people buy the program to begin with), I am trying to think what will be next....ahhh!! I bet the spellchecker will go on a yearly subscription program. I am joking, about the spelling, but I would not be surprised if this ""new feature"" and its slick ad would be waiting in a mailbox close to you. If you want a capable email program, download the new version. Don't buy a thing extra. You will get reminded of all of the other features you are missing out on - constantly. Like the $29 spam feature just stays in place basically saying buy me or I am just going to stay here and tell you to buy me until you do. One last thing, if you get tons of email, this isn't exactly a workhorse, not by a long shot. It is just an expensive waste of time, and especially money.
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4 out of 5 4 out of 5
IncrediMail 2January 16, 2010 By outback.kid
I have been using Incredimail for about 5 years on and off stopped using about 3 years ago . I have jut updated to w 7 (which dose not have an email program) and reinstalled Incredimail 2. I have found it to be an excellent program only negitave for me is mail dose not go to the outbox and stay there untill you click on send and receive. It is sent as soon as you click send. I contacted support and had a response in 48 hours infact I contacted them a second time and they also responed in 48 hours. I first had the free version and certainly would not recommend that but the preimer paid version is very good . I had no problem with paying for it with my credit card. Incredimail has gone through a lot of changes lately new owners new privacy rules and it is nothing like the version of 5 years ago.
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3 out of 5 3 out of 5
IncrediMail xe upgraded to 2.0 using vistaNovember 20, 2009 By Kosh1931
Incredimail customer support is NOT They made 2.0 available and then later advised not to upgrade. Obviously too late. The program will not function now. I can"" receive"" but cannot ""send"". I have asked for help NUMEROUS times without response. Only a (do not respond to) message of how busy they are and will reply ????? I have really been happy with the program's ability until something goes wrong----then LOOK OUT.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Terrible CompanySeptember 28, 2009 By Nalorloen
Don't ever give them your credit card information, they will charge you for things you never agreed to purchase. They have no phone number to call if there's a problem and if you send them an email they ignore it. I can't stop people from using this awful software, but please, use caution when dealing with this shady company.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
IncredIMail XE lacks a lotMarch 02, 2009 By Jerrysternadel
Service is lousy, E-mail only and they usually do not have the answers. I have used IncredIamil for several years and am a purchaser. I have problems off and on. Have always had a challenge getting answers to my questions. I continued to use the program because I could get no help in transfering the files to another program. I found an on line answer to that question. Now I will discontinue using IncredImail if I can tansfer my files. If not I may only keep it to excess those files, and eventually resend the files to myself over a period of time so I can eliminate IncredImail. Jerry PS Please forgive the spelling erros.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
Not Sure What I Did ~ No Longer Have AccessFebruary 25, 2009 By RobinWilliamson01
At first I was very pleased with the program... there are creative aspects that make this program very worthwhile... however I paid for upgrades and now, for whatever reason have been shut out and am unable to access my account. I had foolishly forwarded two of my less used accounts to that account in an attempt to consolidate. I am extremely disappointed as I have some important emails there that I no longer have access to. Has anyone else experienced this? It may be a variation of the ""capacity issue"" discussed previously... I would love to know what happened...
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2 out of 5 2 out of 5
So close, but no cigarFebruary 21, 2009 By lmcgaw
I love the ability to use emoticons, stationery, and animations. I""ve used this program for over 8 years. When I have needed help, there is no phone help. This company takes only e-mails. The responses can take days to repond, and there is no way to fix any problem with incredimail in a timely manner because you can not talk to them. You can only e-mail them. I've had no luck with this method twice. I have decided to go find another e-mail program.
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1 out of 5 1 out of 5
bad stuffFebruary 07, 2009 By Gambolian
The worst piece of c**p you can put on your computer. There is no end to the damage this program will do
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3 out of 5 3 out of 5
Problem with IncredimailFebruary 02, 2009 By Jerrynl
I have used this program for years but for the last few I have had a MAJOR problem. About every few weeks I get a download of all my previous emails that I have received going back months. The latest amount was over 10,000. And it happens over and over. Otherwise I would give them at least 4 stars. When I report it to them they have no logical answer. It MAY be fixed in the next few months. I have been getting this answer for months. NOT HAPPY>
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5 out of 5 5 out of 5
IncrediMail XEJanuary 29, 2009 By chubble10
This is a really good program! You can add loads of stationary to your e-mails, and then add loads of emoticons and animations to it as well. IncrediMail also runs in the system tray, so it then tells you whenever you haave e-mail, with a cool customisable notifier. You can also install a free add-on from the Incredimail Website, allowing you to customise the flash animation IncrediMail shows when you open/send a message. Overall, this is a very good program, and I would recommend it to anyone! (By the way, I am not running the pro version.)
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