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How to Send a Message in Plain Text from Yahoo! Mail


Some Like It Rich, Some Fancy Plain

If you know what the recipient of an email you are composing prefers, you can cater to their needs and send either a plain email or one sporting fancy fonts, colors and images. Unfortunately, Yahoo! Mail is not quite so flexible.

You cannot decide, in the middle of a message, to make it plain text. You cannot even decide about the format when you start composing an email. In Yahoo! Mail, you need to decide before.

So maybe you want to settle on the most common denominator — plain text. Of course, you can always change to either format at any time and switch to and fro at will. It's not hard, just a bit cumbersome. (I'll also show you what to do if you decide in the middle of composing a rich-text message that it better be plain text only.)

Send a Message in Plain Text from Yahoo! Mail

To compose a text-only message in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Click Plain Text at the end of the Subject: line while composing the message.
  • Click OK.

You can switch back to rich-text formatting by following the Rich Text link in the same spot.

Send a Message in Plain Text from Yahoo! Mail Classic

To send an email using only plain text in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Follow the Options link in Yahoo! Mail Classic's navigation bar.
  • Select General Preferences under Management.
  • Make sure Compose messages as plain text is selected under Composing E-mails.
  • Click Save.
  • Click Compose to start your message.

To switch back to rich text editing, go the same route as above, but select Compose messages as color and graphics (you can still use letters, too).

Switch to Plain Text in the Middle of Composing a Message in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To change a message you are already composing from rich to plain text:

  • Click Save as a Draft to save the current state of the email to the Drafts folder.
  • Switch to plain text editing as shown above.
  • Go to the Drafts folder.
  • Click the message you just saved to continue editing it in plain text only.

You can also switch to plain text while composing a message in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Follow the Plain Text link.
  • Click OK.

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