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How to Access Free Yahoo! Mail via POP or IMAP with IzyMail


Do you want to take your Yahoo! Mail email with you — to the email program you use for all your other mail, for example?

With IzyMail, you can, and in very elegantly practical a manner to boot. You get not only POP access for uncomplicated and swift downloading to any program or device, you can also access your Yahoo! Mail account via IMAP.

This means you get to see and use all your mail in all your folders. Fortunately, setting up both IzyMail for Yahoo! Mail and your email program for Yahoo! Mail through IzyMail is easy.

IzyMail is Not Free

While IzyMail makes free Yahoo! Mail accounts available in a fabulous manner, it is not itself free. You can try the service for free, though.

Access Free Yahoo! Mail via POP or IMAP with IzyMail

To connect your email program or mobile device to a free Yahoo! Mail account:

  • Visit http://v3.izymail.com/register.aspx.
  • Type your full Yahoo! Mail email address under eMail address:.
  • Enter your Yahoo! Mail password under Password:.
  • Now type the numbers from the Validation code: CAPTCHA under Validation code:.
  • Click FREE Registration ».
  • Now you can tweak optional settings under IzyMail Retrieval Options and sign up for a paid IzyMail subscription.

Set Up Your Email Program for IzyMail Yahoo! Mail Access

With the registration step covered, you're ready to set up a new Yahoo! Mail account in your email program or mobile device:

If your program or device is not listed above, use the following settings.

Incoming mail (POP and IMAP):

  • Account type: IMAP or POP.
    • With IMAP, you can access all your Yahoo! Mail folders. POP, however, is simpler and often faster. Try IMAP first if you can.
  • For IMAP:
    • IMAP server: in.izymail.com.
    • IMAP port: 143.
    • Require SSL: No.
    • User name: your complete Yahoo! Mail email address.
      • Make sure you include "@yahoo.com". If your Yahoo! user name is "qwerty", for example, use "qwerty@yahoo.com" as the user name for IzyMail.
    • Password: your Yahoo! Mail password.
  • For POP:
    • POP server: in.izymail.com.
    • POP port: 110.
    • Require SSL: No.
    • User name: your full Yahoo! Mail address.
      • Make sure the user name includes the "@yahoo.com" part. If your Yahoo! account name is "qwerty", for example, type "qwerty@yahoo.com" as the user name for the IzyMail Yahoo! Mail account in your email program.
    • Password: your Yahoo! Mail password.

Outgoing mail (SMTP):

  • SMTP server: out.izymail.com.
  • SMTP port: 25.
    • You can try port 587 instead if you run into problems sending mail using port 25.
  • Require SSL: No.
  • Require SMTP authentication: Yes.
  • User name: Your complete Yahoo! Mail address.
    • Again, make sure you do include "@yahoo.com".
  • Password: Your Yahoo! Mail password.

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