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How to View Attachments Instantly in Yahoo! Mail Classic


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Email attachments are great stuff, no doubt about that.

But having to download the attachment from Yahoo! Mail Classic, starting an adequate application and then opening the downloaded file in that app can get a bit cumbersome for just taking a look.

Fortunately, Yahoo! Mail Classic lets me view attachments instantly, without downloading anything, and without starting (or requiring) any application.

View Attachments Instantly in Yahoo! Mail Classic

Note: Unfortunately, attachment preview is currently not available in Yahoo! Mail Classic. You can often open them in an online office application.

To view a file attached to an email instantly and inline in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Open the message containing the attachment in Yahoo! Mail Classic.
  • Click on Preview next to the attachment you want to take a look at.
    • To return to the message containing the attachment (to reply, to scan the attachment for viruses,...) click Back to Original Message.
    • To download the attached file directly, use the Download File link.

Attachment File Formats Supported for Instant Viewing

This secure method of viewing attachments inline in HTML supports an amazing number of formats: Word, Word Perfect, Excel, Access, dBase, PowerPoint and zipped files, among others.

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