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How to Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Yahoo! Mail


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Sure, you can send any image as an attachment easily in Yahoo! Mail. But wouldn't including the picture in your message directly be much more elegant?

Fortunately, Yahoo! Mail let's you do that, too, if the image is located at any Web server and if you use the rich text editor in Yahoo! Mail.

Insert an Image Inline in an Email with Yahoo! Mail

To insert a picture from the web in an email with Yahoo! Mail:

  • Locate the image on a web site, or open it directly using its URL (address).
  • Open the browser window with the image and an email you are composing in Yahoo! Mail side by side.
  • Drag and drop the image into the message.

As an alternative to dragging and dropping, you can try copying and pasting:

  • Highlight the image — just the image — with your mouse.
  • Press Ctrl-C (Windows, Linux) or Command-C (Mac).
  • Position the cursor where you want the image to show up in an email you are composing in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Hit Ctrl-V (Windows and Linux) or Command-V (Mac) to paste the image.
  • If you use an image uploaded to a free image hosting service:
    • Click on the image.
    • Link the image to the image's page address at the free image hosting service (something resembling "http://img.imageshack.us/my.php?image=example.jpg" if you use ImageShack, for example).
  • Continue editing (and adding more images).
  • Finally, send your Yahoo! Mail message as usual.

Depending on the operating system and browser, one or the other method may work better.

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