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How to Use Message Templates in Yahoo! Mail


On first sight, Yahoo! Mail does not support message templates. That's a shame if you compose similar emails time and time again.

Fortunately, you can employ Yahoo! Mail's Drafts folder (or Yahoo! Mail Classic's Draft folder) as your templates repository, either using the copy and paste technique below or the more elegant Shift-Send.

Use Message Templates in Yahoo! Mail

To use message templates in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Create a folder called "Templates" in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Send a message with the desired text in the body to yourself.
  • Move the sent message from the Sent folder to Templates.
  • Before composing a message, open the template message in the Templates folder.
  • Highlight all text in the message's body.
  • Press Ctrl-C (Windows, Linux) or Command-C (Mac).
  • Start a new message.
  • Position the cursor in the message body.
  • Press Ctrl-V (Windows, Linux) or Command-V (Mac).

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