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How to Check the Spelling of Your Messages in Yahoo! Mail


Spelling mistakes in email messages are not as embarrassing as they are in your theses, but they are still better avoided. Yahoo! Mail makes this easy by offering a capable (and multilingual) spell checker.

Check the Spelling of Your Messages in Yahoo! Mail

To have the text's spelling checked in a message you are composing with Yahoo! Mail:

  • Click abc (Check spelling of text in the selected language) in the message's formatting toolbar.
    • If you do not see the abc button, click Format in the toolbar.
    • If you do not see Format, click Switch to Rich Text for checking the spelling; you can then click Switch to Plain Text to go back to plain-text editing, of course.
    • Click the down arrow next to Spelling to select a different language; you can also change the dictionary used by default for spelling checking in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Click on the words underlined in red with the right mouse button (or, on a Mac, click with the left mouse button while holding down the Ctrl key) to get suggestions.
    • To edit an underlined word, use the keyboard cursor keys to navigate the typing cursor into it.

Check the Spelling of Your Messages in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To check the spelling of a message in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Select the Spell Check button in the top or bottom Yahoo! Mail Classic toolbar.

If Yahoo! Mail Classic detects a mistake, you can edit the offending word directly or get suggestions by selecting the button with the question mark directly following the entry field.

When your message is perfect, select Done and return to the message composition screen, of course retaining all the spell checker's changes.

(Updated May 2012)

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