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How to Update Your Yahoo! Status in Yahoo! Mail


Not many things in life are so disheartening as breaking fabulous news to a friend only to find out they already know.

So, be careful what you share in your Yahoo! status updates, especially given how easy it is to craft them in Yahoo! Mail. But, do have fun with your status updates, especially given how easy it is to crank them out in Yahoo! Mail.

Update Your Yahoo! Status in Yahoo! Mail

To update your Yahoo! profile status (which only your Yahoo! connections can see, and which you can use to share your state or to micro-blog) right in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Open the What's New tab in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Click in the What are you doing right now? field.
    • The question is a starting point, but you do not need to answer it. Share what occupies your thoughts, for example, or things happening in your life, town, or community.
  • Finish the sentence "<Your name> is ", or delete your name and "is" and start your own sentence.
    • For inspiration, click the Status-O-Matique exclamation mark in front of the entry field.
  • Click Post.

Note that only people to whom you are connected through Yahoo! Connections can see your status updates.

Delete a Yahoo! Status Update

To delete a Yahoo! status post:

  • Go to your Yahoo! profile.
  • Click the x to the right of the undesired post under Updates.
  • Click Delete in the menu that pops up.

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