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How to Set Up a Vacation Auto-Reply in Yahoo! Mail


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A Vacation from Email

When you are on holidays, you may also want to take a vacation from email and answering it.

Of course, you will read and reply to all mail when you're back. Yahoo! Mail offers a nice way to tell those who send you mail right away that they should not expect an answer right away.

Set Up a Vacation Auto-Reply in Yahoo! Mail

To have Yahoo! Mail reply to emails automatically while you're out of the office:

  • Select Options | Mail Options in Yahoo! Mail.
  • Go to the Vacation Response category.
  • Make sure Enable auto-response during these dates (inclusive) is checked.
  • Specify your auto-responder's start and end date under From: and Until: respectively.
  • Type the desired response you wish to be sent to all incoming mail under Message:.
    • It's good to include a note on when you expect to be back — and be able to respond personally, or whether you'd prefer messages to be re-sent if they're still relevant.
  • Make sure, typically, that Different response to emails from a specific domain is not checked.
  • To send an alternate message to certain senders who all share a domain (say, mycompany.com or myuniversity.edu):
    • Make sure Different response to emails from a specific domain is checked.
    • Enter the domain senders from which should receive the alternate auto-reply under First domain:.
      • If you want the alternate vacation response to be sent to all people from your company at "mycompany.com", for instance, using addresses such as "me@mycompany.com", enter "mycompany.com" (excluding the quotation marks).
    • To add another domain, enter it under Second domain:; otherwise, make sure "0" is entered under Second domain:.
    • Type the desired alternate auto-response under Message:.
  • Click Save.

Yahoo! Mail's auto-reply system will remember who a vacation reply was already sent to, so repetitive mailers will get but one automatic vacation reply.

(Updated March 2012)

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