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How to Set Up Your Yahoo! Mail Signature


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Email signatures with essential contact information, a witty quote or some marketing speak are a fine tool. Here's how to set up your signature in Yahoo! Mail.

Set Up Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

To set up an email signature in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Position the mouse cursor over the gear icon near the top right of your Yahoo! Mail inbox.
  • Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.
  • Open the Writing email category.
  • Make sure Show a plain text signature or Show a rich text signature is selected under Signature.
    • To disable your Yahoo! Mail signature, make sure Don't use a signature is selected under Signature.
  • Type the desired email signature.
  • Click Save.

Set Up Your Yahoo! Mail Classic Signature

To create a signature in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Select Mail Options from the Yahoo! Mail navigation bar
  • Follow the Signature link (under Personalization).
  • Enter the desired signature in the text field.
  • Click Save.

Add Rich Formatting and an Image to Your Signature

As if this was not impressive enough already, you can also add some formatting to your signature easily—and even insert an image.

Use Your Yahoo! Mail Signature

Now you're ready to add that signature to your outgoing Yahoo! Mail messages by default or individually.

(Updated November 2013)

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