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How to Send an Attachment with Yahoo! Mail


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You can attach any file to an email message, and you can attach any file to an email message you write in your Yahoo! Mail account.

Send an Attachment with Yahoo! Mail

To attach a single file to a message you are composing in Yahoo! Mail

  • While composing your message, click Attach File in its toolbar.
  • Find and open the desired file.

To attach multiple files in one go:

  • Make sure Adobe Flash is installed.
  • Click Attach Files.
  • Find and highlight all the files you want to add.
    • Hold down the Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac) to highlight separate files; hold down Shift to highlight a range.
  • Click Open.

Note that Yahoo! Mail imposes a limit on the total message size. To send larger files, you can use the Share It Yahoo! Mail application.

Send an Attachment with Yahoo! Mail Classic

To send any file as an attachment with an email in Yahoo! Mail Classic.

  • While composing a message, follow the Attach Files link.
  • Select Browse to select the file you want to attach on your computer.
  • Click Attach Files.

Yahoo! Mail Classic now grabs the file from your computer and attaches it to the message you are currently composing. Additionally, every file you attach is scanned for known viruses automatically.

To add more files, select Attach More Files.

Eventually, select Done to close the attachments window and return to the message composition page.

(Updated October 2012)

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