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How to Send Emails Using Rich Formatting with Yahoo! Mail


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With Yahoo! Mail, you can not only send plain text emails or messages containing attachments. You can also send richly formatted emails with stationery, custom fonts, inline images or graphical smileys, for example.

Send Emails Using Rich Formatting with Yahoo! Mail

To add formatting to an email you compose in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Click Switch to Rich Text just below the Subject: line and to the right.
    • If you see Switch to Plain Text in that spot, you're all set for richly formatted emails.

Send Emails using Rich Formatting with Yahoo! Mail Classic

To enable rich text formatting in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Select Options | Mail Options from the Yahoo! Mail toolbar.
  • Make sure Mail is selected under Options on the left.
  • Click General Preferences under Personalization.
  • Under Composing E-mails, make sure Compose messages as color and graphics is selected.
  • Click Save.

You can also switch editors when composing a message in Yahoo! Mail Classic:

  • Follow the Rich Text link.

(Updated November 2011)

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