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How to Mark a Message Unread in Yahoo! Mail


Yahoo! Mail highlights unread mail in a way that it does not even highlight flagged messages. That's why I like to mark read, important mail unread, too.

Mark a Message Unread in Yahoo! Mail

To change an email's status to unread in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Open the message in the preview pane or make sure it is checked in the message list.
  • Hit Shift-K.
    • You can also select [Gear] | Mark as Unread from the toolbar.

Mark a Message Unread in Yahoo! Mail Classic

There are two ways to mark a message unread in Yahoo! Mail Classic.

The first is while reading the message:

  • Click the Mark as Unread button.

This will close the message and take you back to the folder, and it will mark the message unready.

The other way to mark one or more messages unread in Yahoo! Mail Classic can be found right in the message list:

  • Select the checkboxes of all the messages you want save unread.
  • Select Mark as Unread from the drop-down menu in the toolbar above the list.
  • Click Go.

(Updated August 2011)

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