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How to Forward Yahoo! Mail to Another Email Address


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Sure, that Yahoo! Mail address is nice, and access through IMAP or POP is great, but can't I just receive my Yahoo! Mail at another email address?

Of course you can.

Forward Yahoo! Mail to Another Email Address

After you have signed up:

  • Click the gear icon near your Yahoo! Mail top right corner or hover the mouse cursor over it.
  • Select Settings from the menu that shows.
  • Go to the Accounts category.
  • Click Edit next to the email address you want to forward under Yahoo account.
  • Make sure Forward is selected under Access your Yahoo Mail elsewhere.
  • Enter the email address where you want to receive all your Yahoo! Mail messages over Forwarding Address.
  • Select:
    • Store and forward to forward a copy of each message and receive it at the original Yahoo! Mail address as well.
    • Forward only to have Yahoo! Mail forward newly incoming messages without keeping a copy in the original account (they will not show up in the Trash folder either).
    • Store and forward and mark as read to receive a copy forwarded to the email address you entered and have Yahoo! Mail retain a copy, but marking that copy read. (Note that forwarded messages may still appear unread in your Yahoo! Mail inbox in spite of this setting.)
  • Click Save.
  • If you have entered an email address not yet verified as accessible to you with Yahoo! Mail:
    • Click OK.
    • Check the email address to which you have Yahoo! Mail forward messages for a message from Yahoo! Member Services <yahoo-account-services-@cc.yahoo-inc.com> with the subject Verify This Email Address.
    • In that email, click Verify "[email address]".
  • Click Save.

Accessing Yahoo! Mail in Your Email Program

Maybe you want to go a more direct route and add Yahoo! Mail as a separate account to your email program? That's no problem either.

You can either access a Yahoo! Mail account directly using POP (which will turn off forwarding) or employ a tool like YPOPs!.

(Updated November 2013)

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