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How to Create a Mailing List in Yahoo! Mail


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The simplicity of sending the same message to more than one recipient is one of email's biggest assets. In Yahoo! Mail, you can make distributing emails even easier by creating a mailing list.

Create a Mailing List in Yahoo! Mail

To set up a list for group mailing in Yahoo! Mail:

  • Go to Contacts in your Yahoo! Mail folder list.
  • Click Add List.
  • Enter the desired name under Type List Name Here.
  • Add existing address book entries or new email addresses to the list using Add Contact to List.
  • Click Save.

Create a Mailing List in Yahoo! Mail Classic

To set up a mailing list using your Yahoo! Mail Classic address book:

  • Select Addresses from the top Yahoo! Mail Classic navigation bar.
  • Use the Add List button to create a new list.
  • Give the list a useful name.
    • You can use that name as a nickname when addressing messages.
  • Add existing address book entries to the list using the Add> > button.
  • Finally, save your new Yahoo! Mail list with the Save button.

Send Mail to Your Yahoo! Mail List

And now that you have a mailing list in Yahoo! Mail, you can start using it!

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