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How to Contact Yahoo! Mail Support


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Think you've found a bug in Yahoo! Mail?

Why, no — it's obvious: the message should not look jumbled like this, dragging images around should work, and this error message is not worth the digits that make it up.

It's great, in a way, that you uncovered the bug; you will report it in a way that lets Yahoo! Mail engineers fix it in a cinch. Of course, Yahoo! Mail support can also help you with problems and issues that are not exactly bugs.

Contact Yahoo! Mail Support

To get support for and with Yahoo! Mail:

  • Find out whether the problem you have can be reproduced by taking certain steps. Also try with a different browser or operating system, if you can.
    • If you have steps that will produce the bug you face reliably, the chances of having it fixed fast increase.
  • Fill out the Yahoo! Mail Troubleshooting Form.
    • Make sure Mail is picked under Select a product.
    • Select Mail, Mobile Mail or Mail Classic from the Select a version... menu.
    • Pick the most suitable category and, if available, sub-category under Select a category.
    • Sum up your issue under Briefly tell us how we can help.
    • Click Enter.
    • Continue posting your problem for an email reply or chat with Yahoo! Mail support.
      • Make sure you include steps for reproducing your issue under Detailed Description if you choose email.
      • Do not enter personal information (including your Yahoo! Mail password).

Recover Lost Yahoo! Mail Messages

You can also contact Yahoo! Mail support to have your mailbox restored to an earlier state — to undelete purged mail, for example.

Suggest Features to Yahoo! Mail

If you have a suggestion for improving Yahoo! Mail rather than a problem with something not working right, you can let Yahoo! know, too.

(Updated November 2012)

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