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SpamRIP 1.0 - Free Spam Filter

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SpamRIP - Free Spam Filter

SpamRIP - Free Spam Filter

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

SpamRIP is a highly precise spam filter for any POP email account. A separate program, it lets you preview and delete junk before it reaches your default inbox. Unfortunately, SpamRIP does not work with IMAP accounts, is a tad clumsy to use and may crash now and then.


  • SpamRIP includes highly precise CRM114 classification
  • In addition to statistical filtering, SpamRIP can use blacklists and country filtering
  • SpamRIP lets you preview and filter junk mail in any POP account before it reaches your inbox


  • SpamRIP does not integrate with any email programs and is a bit clumsy to use
  • You can filter mail only in POP accounts and does not work as a proxy filter
  • SpamRIP does not sort mail by score, which could make correcting errors easier


  • SpamRIP filters mail in multiple POP email accounts for spam.
  • Using CRM114 filtering, SpamRIP identifies junk mail precisely using phrase-based probabilities.
  • In addition to CRM114 filtering, SpamRIP can query DNS blacklists such as SpamCop and use local black and white lists.
  • A country filter lets you mark mail as spam based on its origin.
  • Before checking mail in your email program, you do so in SpamRIP, which then deletes the junk right at the server.
  • Of course, you can preview messages and correct any errors in SpamRIP's judgement, thus further training the filter.
  • SpamRIP supports Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

Guide Review - SpamRIP 1.0 - Free Spam Filter

Emails good and bad are made of phrases. These may not be what you see (in, say, image spam), but they are what a spam filter can count on. And count SpamRIP does!

The CRM114 filter in SpamRIP finds phrases in emails and learns their probabilities in wanted and unwanted emails. It learns very fast to make highly accurate judgements about what you will want to see in your Inbox and what can go right to the Trash.

In SpamRIP, spam identified by CRM114 is conveniently marked for deletion from the server — before it ever gets to your email program. This means you have to check your email twice, but also that you can filter any number of POP accounts, and that going through the junk mail is safe.

Training SpamRIP's CRM114 filter, like much of operating SpamRIP, is a tad cumbersome. Once you get the hang of it, going through your mail in SpamRIP is not totally inefficient, however. It's still a pity SpamRIP cannot sort mail by spam score. That could make correcting errors a lot easier and help avoid false positives, too.

In addition to probabilistic filtering, SpamRIP can make use of DNS blacklists (SpamCop is already set up) as well as local white and black lists. If you like, you can also turn on a country filter that marks mail as spam if it comes from certain countries. In general, using just CRM114 is sufficient, though — and probably best.

If SpamRIP could have more buckets than just "good" and "bad" to pre-sort mail further, that would be fantastic, of course.

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