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Quotes 2006 2.1.4 - Free Signature Tool

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Quotes - Free Signature Tool

Quotes - Free Signature Tool

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

Quotes lets you set up pretty email signatures (using rich formatting, too), and throws in a quotation for good measure, a quotation that can change periodically and automatically. While Quotes sets up Outlook Express, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird to use one of your signatures automatically and is all-in-all easy to use, some things could still be done simpler.


  • Quotes manages multiple signatures with changing quotations for all your email needs
  • Equipped with many a quotation and freely expandable, Quotes adds wisdom or fun to each mail
  • Quotes supports HTML or RTF formatting and sets up Outlook Express, Outlook and Thunderbird


  • Quotes could do some things in more straight forward a manner
  • Use of the standard signature delimiter is not encouraged by Quotes, and images not supported
  • Quotes does not offer text blocks for editing across signatures and for more dynamic elements


  • Quotes maintains your email signatures.
  • You can add a quotation to your signatures freely.
  • Quotes can change the saying automatically on a schedule.
  • Rich formatting can be used, and Quotes automatically produces plain text, HTML and RTF versions.
  • Quotes can configure Outlook Express, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird.
  • Editing and adding to the quotations used by Quotes is easy.
  • A keyboard shortcut copies the signature to the clipboard for inserting in unsupported programs.
  • Quotes supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/3/XP.

Guide Review - Quotes 2006 2.1.4 - Free Signature Tool

There is, of course, a quotation for every occasion or intention.

In Quotes, there is, it seems, a quotation for every new email. Drawing from some collections that come with the program and from any text file that contains your favorite sayings, Quotes changes the quotation in your email signature automatically and on a schedule (from every minute to twice every hour).

Editing the quotation files is easy, but adding new collections could be simpler (you have to locate the Quotes folder and copy the files to it). Sporting a fully equipped editor, Quotes makes composing your signatures a pleasure and a snap. If you use rich formatting (images are not supported), Quotes automatically produces plain text, HTML and RTF versions of your signature, which you can then use in your email program.

Outlook Express, Outlook and Mozilla Thunderbird can be configured automatically by Quotes, though you do have to change settings manually if you want to use the HTML version in Outlook Express, for example, or use different signatures for different accounts. If your email program cannot pick up signatures from files, Quotes lets you copy the current sig to the clipboard, whence you can paste it at the bottom of your message easily.

While you can specify a separate collection of quotations for each signature file, text blocks that could be used in each signature (and edited centrally) might make Quotes signatures even faster to create and versatile to use.

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