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Windows Email Return Receipt Tools and Services

Email return receipts let you know when the recipient of a message has opened it. Here are tools and services for Windows users that let you find out for sure whether an email you sent has arrived.

Top Certified Email, Tracking and Opening Notification Services
Do you want to know whether your email was openedfor sure? Do you want to find out whether it has been forwarded, or prevent recipients copying or printing the information? Do you want to send self-destructing email? Certified email, email tracking and email read notification services let you do all that and often a lot more. Find the best services with my top picks.

Receive a confirmation when the recipient reads your message with easy to use Confimax.

DidTheyReadIt makes it really easy to know if and when an email you sent was opened.

E-mailSecure is a highly flexible email return receipt service that lets you know when your messages are opened and can proof both email sending and opening.

Mailinfo is a particularly comfortable tool that lets you know when emails you have sent are opened — and if they are not.

MSGTAG provides an easy to use and convenient way to be notified when the recipient of an email you sent has opened it.

pointofmail is a very comprehensive proof of receipt and reading service for email.

ReadNotify is an extremely sophisticated certified email service that has options to let you know whether an email you sent was opened under all circumstances and provides proof of your sending, too, while hiding most of the complexity behind easily accessible plug-ins, tools and email shortcuts.

SpyPig - Certified Email Service
SpyPig lets you set up small images which, added to outgoing emails, tell you when these messages have been opened.

Do you want to know when somebody opens your email? SentThere will tell you instantly and (almost) always.

WILL SELF-DESTRUCT - Anonymous Self-Destructing Email Service
WILL SELF-DESTRUCT makes it really easy to send email messages that can only be viewed for a certain time, and you can remain anonymous to boot.

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