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How to See Unread Mail Only in Windows Mail or Outlook Express


As mail comes in through the day, you read one and the other, then leave a few for later, read some again, save the newsletter for after lunch, save the same newsletter again for tomorrow, and... eventually, you have a Windows Mail Inbox that is read mail you may look again later sprinkled with a few new messages here and there.

Wouldn't it be nice if you could, for a while, hide all messages you have already seen and concentrate on the unread emails?

See Unread Mail Only in Windows Mail or Outlook Express

To hide all read mail in Windows Mail or Outlook Express:

  • Select View | Current View | Hide Read Messages from the menu.

To restore normal display that shows all emails, select View | Current View | Show All Messages from the menu.

For either action, you can also use the Views Bar, which appears alongside the main Windows Mail toolbar. To enable it,

  • select View | Layout... from the menu and
  • make sure Views Bar is checked.
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