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X-Ray Mail Assistant 0.01 - Email Utility

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X-Ray Mail Assistant - Email Utility

X-Ray Mail Assistant - Email Utility

Heinz Tschabitscher

The Bottom Line

X-Ray Mail Assistant is a versatile email tool that lets you manipulate message headers, selects the right SMTP server automatically, and more.
Unfortunately, it's a tad difficult to use.


  • X-Ray Mail Assistant is an interesting idea
  • Its many tools open up lots of possibilities


  • X-Ray Mail Assistant is not particularly easy to use
  • Documentation is sparse


  • The X-Ray Mail Assistant is a proxy POP and SMTP server.
  • Multiple POP and SMTP servers can be switched easily.
  • POP server can by cycled, SMTP servers automatically selected per network connection.
  • X-Ray Mail Assistant lets you filter message headers in incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Program settings can be saved to quickly accessible "schemas".
  • You can run X-Ray Mail Assistant as a Windows service.
  • X-Ray Mail Assistant supports Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP.

Guide Review - X-Ray Mail Assistant 0.01 - Email Utility

The X-Ray Mail Assistant is an interesting tool. It acts as a proxy between your email client and the world. It fetches mail from multiple POP accounts and hands it to the email client, and X-ray works as a tiny local SMTP server. All incoming and outgoing mail passes X-ray — a world of opportunities!

With X-Ray's filters, you can add custom headers (X-URL, for example) to outgoing messages easily, or remove headers inserted by your email program (X-Mailer comes to mind). The incoming filters could look for spam and add a "X-Ray: Spam" header line for later filtering.

Unfortunately, you have to figure all these possibilities out yourself. X-ray isn't extremely easy to use, and there's hardly any help. But hacking X-ray can be great fun.

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