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How to Set Your Windows Live Hotmail Time Zone And Avoid Emails Sent Hours Off


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Do you have time? No?

Do you have a time zone? Aha!

If you have no time because you waste most of it pulling your every hair out again and again over emails that come from the future or the past and never show times corresponding to what your cell phone or wrist watch say, the time zone could be the problem.

In Windows Live Hotmail changing your time zone is easy, whether you travel or just find it off. To rule out even more potential time confusion, make sure your computer is set to the correct time zone, too.

Set Your Windows Live Hotmail Time Zone (And Avoid Emails Sent Hours Off the Correct Time)

To set your Windows Live Hotmail time zone to your actual time and date:

  • Select Options | More Options in Windows Live Hotmail.
  • Follow the View and edit your personal information link under Manage your account.
  • Click Registered information under your name, email address, country and birth date.
  • Select the desired time zone under Time zone: for Home location.
    • You may have to correct Country/region: for Home location as well to make the proper time zone available.
  • Click Save.

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