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How to Go Directly to Your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox, Skip "Today"


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Airlines, obesity rates, the perfect hair color and celeb gossip? Was it not your email that made you come to Windows Live Hotmail?

Fortunately, the Inbox is but a click a way. A click too many, you say?

Well, with a few more clicks now you can make Windows Live Hotmail go to your email inbox directly the next time and thereafter automatically.

Go Directly to Your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox, Skip "Today"

To skip the Windows Live Hotmail Today page and open it right to your Inbox:

  • Select Options | More options... from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • Follow the Windows Live Home settings link under Customize your mail.
  • Make sure Show me my inbox when I sign in is selected under Sign in to Hotmail.
  • Click Save.

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