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How to Add a Bcc: Recipient to a Message in Windows Live Hotmail


The To: field, of course, is all you need to address a message in Windows Live Hotmail.

What if you want to avoid a long litany of email address in that field (say, when distributing your latest do-it-yourself adventures), or need to copy somebody without their address visible to other recipients?

For these needs, you get Bcc:blind carbon copy. Recipients in this field will get a copy alright, but their addresses are deleted before the message is delivered (to all recipients).

Windows Live Hotmail does not expose the Bcc: field right away, but adding recipients to it is still easy.

Add a Bcc: Recipient to a Message in Windows Live Hotmail

To add recipients to the Bcc: field when composing a message in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Click Show Cc & Bcc (right above the To: line and to the right).
  • Type the desired recipient's email address in the Bcc: field or use the Bcc: button to select people from your contacts.
    • If you add more than one recipient, separate them with semicolons (like: "tina@example.com; tim@example.com").

Using Bcc:, you can also send an email to "undisclosed recipients" from Windows Live Hotmail.

(Updated May 2012)

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