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How to Make Windows Live Hotmail Your Default Email Program


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You use Windows Live Hotmail as your primary email account, but Windows does not? When you click on a mailto link in your browser, it starts an unnecessary email program instead of going straight to Windows Live Hotmail?

Fortunately, this can be changed by setting Windows Live Mail as your default email program.

Make Windows Live Hotmail Your Default Windows Vista Email Program

To set up Windows Live Hotmail as your default Windows Vista email program:

  • Download the Registering Hotmail with the Default Programs tool.
  • Launch the RegisterHotmail program.
  • Click Register Windows Live Hotmail with Default Programs.
  • Click OK.
  • Now click Set Windows Live Hotmail as the default (current user).
  • Click OK again.
  • Close Register Hotmail with Default Programs.

Note that Windows Live Hotmail will open in Internet Explorer regardless of your default browser.

Make Windows Live Hotmail Your Default Email Program

To make your browser and other Windows applications use Windows Live Hotmail or Hotmail as your default email program:

  • Start Internet Explorer.
  • Select Tools | Internet Options from the menu.
    • In IE 7, hold down the Alt key to access the menu.
  • Go to the Programs tab.
  • Make sure Windows Live Mail or Hotmail is selected for E-mail.
  • Click OK.

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